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Gov. Whitmer highlights Hispanic Heritage Month, importance of contributions to Michigan

LANSING, Mich. – Governor Whitmer and the Office of Global Michigan encourage Michiganders to join them in recognizing the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos in Michigan and the United States, proclaiming Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 as Hispanic Heritage Month.

“During Hispanic Heritage Month we honor the Hispanic and Latino communities who whose vibrant culture, rich traditions, and entrepreneurial spirit make Michigan a great place to live,” said Governor Whitmer. “We also recognize the Hispanic educators, trailblazers, activists, artists, and beyond who call Michigan home and continue to make valuable contributions to the State of Michigan. And we celebrate the fact that we are a home of opportunity for all and commit ourselves to working together to make Michigan a place where anyone can thrive.”

Michigan’s Hispanic and Latino residents are an essential part of our state’s unique social and cultural influences. Michigan is fortunate to count among its population many residents of Spanish and Latin American descent, who grow businesses, offer innovative ideas, strengthen our economy, create jobs and contribute to our daily lives.

“We honor the many achievements of Hispanic Americans and continue our efforts to ensure our state is a welcoming and inclusive place that provides equal opportunities for all,” said Poppy-Sias Hernandez, Office of Global Michigan Director. “We celebrate the contributions of Hispanics in arts, sciences, labor, agriculture, business and civil rights.”  

“As a first-generation, college-educated, Spanish-Speaking Latino Male in the United States, it is important to acknowledge the labor, sacrifice and contributions of people that look like me,” said Florensio Hernandez, who serves on the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan. “The Hispanic population is the largest and fastest-growing population in this country. It has also helped shape the culture of the United States and what we consider the “American Culture,” the true melting pot of many ethnicities and experiences.”

Between 2010 and 2020, Michigan’s Hispanic population increased in 81 of 83 counties, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As of 2020, the number of Hispanics in Michigan reached 564,422, equaling 5.6% of our state’s population. Significant Hispanic population concentrations are in major urban counties along the Grand Rapids and Detroit corridor.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Michigan recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Hispanic and Latinos in Michigan and the United States. 

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