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Kleen Gene's Laundromat (Lake George, Clare County)

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EGLE site lead

Kevin Wojciechowski, or 586-623-2948


Kleen Gene's Laundromat, located at 402 South Bringold Avenue, is open to the public year-round and discharges treated wastewater to the groundwater under a state Groundwater Discharge Permit. The on-site treatment system consists of two treatment lagoons. The treated wastewater is discharged to the groundwater via spray irrigation.

As part of a statewide sampling effort in Fall 2021, EGLE sampled the on-site water supply well (i.e., the influent), the wastewater in the final lagoon (i.e., the effluent), and two groundwater monitoring wells. PFAS was detected in the influent, effluent, and one of the monitoring wells. The single monitoring well exceeded the Part 201 groundwater cleanup criteria for PFOA. The highest result was 42.5 parts per trillion (ppt) PFOA.

Groundwater flows to the southwest. The PFAS contamination found in drinking water north, and upgradient of the site indicate the PFAS is from another source(s). Lake George and Shingle Lake were both sampled for PFAS. Shingle Lake was non-detect and Lake George had some detections but none above water quality values.

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Drinking water

As of August 2023, 27 residents and businesses have been sampled for PFAS. Eleven of the 27 wells sampled have been non-detect for PFAS. PFOA was detected in three residential wells at 8 ppt (criteria for PFOA is 8 ppt). DHHS worked with Central Michigan Health Department to offer up filters for all homes with any PFAS detections. The Lake George area has no access to municipal water.

EGLE, DHHS, local health will expand the drinking water sampling area to conduct a 4th round of sampling.

Anticipated activities

EGLE will continue to evaluate data as it's received and will expand the sampling area as necessary.