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State of Michigan Podcasts

Photo of the Michigan State Capitol Dome.
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State of Michigan Podcasts

Photo of MDOC Field Days Podcast production.

Tune into our Podcasts

The State of Michigan (SOM) produces several award winning podcasts. Recognized on the local, regional, and national stage, our podcasts are intended to expand employee and constituent engagement, and create a more accessible and participatory government.
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DMVA Podcast

Listen to the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) podcast to hear the latest from the department. DMVA synchronizes strategic, legislative and fiscal initiatives to build and sustain military readiness, care and advocacy for veterans and cultivate purposeful partnerships.
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Image of the Double Down Podcast by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Double Down Michigan

On the Double Down Michigan: A Podcast by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, topics related to the gaming industry in Michigan are explored. Host Henry Williams, Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director, interviews special guests, discusses responsible gaming, gaming legislation in our state, industry news, current trends and more.
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MDARD Fresh From the Field Podcast logo.

From the Field Podcast

This podcast from Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) interviews Michigan companies, farmers, and MDARD divisions about Michigan Food and Ag news. Subscribe to stay updated with the newest food and ag information.
Listen to the Fresh From the Field Podcast on Anchor
MEDC The Michigan Opportunity Podcast logo.

Michigan Opportunity Podcast

On The Michigan Opportunity, a podcast launched by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, listeners will hear firsthand accounts from Michigan business leaders and innovators about how the state is driving job growth and business investment, supporting a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, building vibrant communities, and helping to attract and retain one of the most diverse, talented workforces in the nation.
Listen to The Michigan Opportunity Podcast
Michigan Veteran Homes Podcast logo.

Michigan Veteran Homes Podcast

In our homes, members can keep the freedom they know and love. More importantly though, they receive the compassionate care they've earned. With a special focus on long-term care, dementia and memory care and palliative care, we're committed to our communities...because our veterans deserve it. Check out the Michigan Veteran Homes (MVH) Podcast for updates in and around our Michigan Veteran Homes.

Listen to the MVH Podcast on SoundCloud
One MSP Podcast logo.

One MSP Podcast

Welcome to the One MSP Podcast, a monthly podcast to share information and updates with Michigan State Police (MSP) employees.
Listen to the One MSP Podcast on SoundCloud
Pure Michigan Podcast logo.

Pure Michigan Podcast

Welcome to the Pure Michigan Podcast, where you’ll discover uniquely pure content created to highlight, inspire and invite you to visit the unspoiled nature and thousands of cultural experiences that lie between the nation's longest freshwater coastline that is Michigan. 
Listen to the Pure Michigan Podcast on SoundCloud
DNR Wildtalk Podcast logo.

Wildtalk Podcast

The award winning, Wildtalk Podcast is a production of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division. On the Wildtalk Podcast, representatives of the Wildlife Division chew the fat and shoot the scat about all things habitat, feathers, and fur. With insights, interviews, and listener questions answered on the air, you'll come away with a better picture of what's happening in the world of Michigan's wildlife.
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MDOT Talking Transportation Podcast logo.

Talking Transportation Podcast

The Talking Michigan Transportation podcast features conversations with transportation experts inside and outside the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and will touch on anything and everything related to mobility, including rail, transit and the development of connected and automated vehicles.
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Logo for the Treasury Talks Podcast.

Treasury Talk Podcast

Welcome to Treasury Talk and Your Small Business, a podcast for small business owners hosted by Michigan’s State Treasurer, Rachael Eubanks. Our trending topics with Subject Matter Experts will include cybersecurity, tax prep, continuous improvement, economic impacts and inclusion and diversity. Listen for take-aways that will support you and your company!
Listen to the Treasury Talk Podcast on Buzzsprout
Tune in MPSCS Podcast logo.

Tune in MPSCS

Tune in MPSCS is a production of Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS). Join MPSCS as they talk tech with staff and first responder partners. MPSCS provides a stable, secure framework with advanced technology for interoperable communications among local, state, federal, tribal and private first responders. 
Listen to Tune in MPSCS on SoundCloud

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