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Medical Evaluation for Child Sexual Abuse

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Medical Evaluation for Child Sexual Abuse

All victims of sexual assault have a right under Michigan law to have a sexual assault medical forensic examination and evidence kit collected up to five days after the assault or abuse.

It is not uncommon for child sexual abuse to be discovered or disclosed under circumstances where weeks or months may have passed since the last incident of abuse.  It is still very important to seek medical evaluation. Medical evaluation can involve a wellness check, testing and care for sexual transmitted infections, and forensic evidence collection if the abuse was recent.

The type of medical services available for child sexual abuse victims varies across the state. Medical evaluation and treatment for child sexual abuse may be offered by a local Child Advocacy Center, a specialized child abuse pediatrician, a sexual assault nurse examiner program or any combination of these.  If the perpetrator of the sexual abuse was a parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the child, Michigan Children’s Protective Services will be involved in the case and may refer the child to specific doctors or providers.

To find a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program or Child Advocacy Center near you, visit the MDHHS service provider directory or call Michigan’s Sexual Assault Hotline.