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Other Options for Students, Title IX

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Other Options for Students, Title IX

If you are a student and were assaulted at school or at a school event, or if you were assaulted by another student, school faculty or staff, the school may be able to help.

Under a federal law called Title IX, all schools are required to have a system in place to respond to allegations of sexual assault. Title IX applies to any school that receives federal funding including public and private elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.

You can contact the school at any time to learn what your school can do to help. The person in charge of this process at school is called the Title IX coordinator.  Contact information for the Title IX coordinator is usually available on the school’s website or in the school’s student handbook. If you tell a teacher or other school employee about the sexual assault they are usually required to notify the Title IX coordinator. They may also be required to contact the police about the assault.

The school can help in several ways. They may be able offer counseling, change class schedules, assist with school work or exam schedules, change campus housing arrangements, or remove the perpetrator from the school.

To learn more about your options on a college campus, university, or community college visit .