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Paying for the Examination

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Paying for the Examination

Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination: If you received the sexual assault medical forensic examination and evidence collection within five days of the assault, you are not responsible for the cost of the examination including co-pays or deductibles. Either your insurance or the SAFE Response Program will pay for the examination and evidence collection. If you do not have insurance or if you have safety or privacy concerns about billing insurance, SAFE Response will pay for the examination. For more information about payment or if a you believe that you been improperly billed, contact Crime Victim Services Commission, SAFE Response or call 1-517-334-7233 (SAFE).

Other Medical Care or Costs: If you are physically injured and need treatment other than the forensic exam, you may be eligible for assistance with medical bills through the Crime Victim Services Commission compensation program. You would need to submit a compensation claim application, report the incident to the police, cooperate with the investigation and utilize your medical insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, or any other resource available for payment. For more information or an application, visit Crime Victim’s Compensation or call 1-877-251-7373.


You may be able to get low or no-cost pregnancy and STI testing at your local Family Planning Clinic or Health Department.