August 9, 2020: Smokey Bear's 75th birthday

WHEREAS, Michigan has over 20 million acres of forest lands that are vulnerable to fire; and,


WHEREAS, humans are responsible for causing nine out of every ten wildfires; and,


WHEREAS, across Michigan, firefighters extinguish an average of 4,000 wildfires each year in the state; and,


WHEREAS, since Smokey Bear started his fire prevention campaign in 1944, the iconic and loveable bear has carried his fire prevention message across Michigan’s two peninsulas for 75 years, including appearances at parades, special events, and schools; and,


WHEREAS, people of all ages recognize and are delighted by Smokey Bear as he spreads his message of fire prevention, which includes taking care while burning debris, putting out campfires completely, and learning other fire safety rules;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby recognize August 9, 2019, as Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday and encourage all residents to work together to prevent wildfires.