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Michigan Infrastructure Council

Mackinaw Bridge in the Spring/ Summer
Mackinaw Bridge in the Spring/ Summer

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Infrastructure assets exist to deliver fundamental services and serve as the foundation for public and environmental health, economic prosperity, and quality of life. The Michigan Infrastructure Council’s (MIC) Asset Management (AM) Champions program seeks to develop AM awareness and proficiency throughout the infrastructure community to foster our transition to operating the resilient, sustainable, and affordable infrastructure systems our citizen's demand.

Transportation Asset Management Council Logo

Transportation Asset Management Council

The Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) was formed under Public Act (PA) 499 of 2002 followed by several amendments. Established as an organization comprised of professionals from county road agencies, cities, township officials, regional and metropolitan planning organizations, and state transportation department personnel. The TAMC reports directly to the Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) and is a resource for the State Transportation Commission (STP) and the Michigan Legislature.

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Water Asset Management Council

Michigan's Water Asset Management Council (WAMC) was created to lead, guide, and assist communities in the development and/or enhancement of their drinking water, wastewater, and storm water asset management programs. The WAMC is legislatively charged with the development of asset management templates, as well as annual reporting to the Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) on the asset condition and investment of water infrastructure across the state.
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