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Pelosi, Schumer Announce Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar to Deliver Democratic Response to President Trump's State of The Union


January 24, 2020 

Pelosi, Schumer Announce Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar to Deliver Democratic Response to President Trump’s State of The Union
Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced today that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer will deliver the Democratic Response to President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.  Congresswoman Veronica Escobar of Texas will deliver the Spanish language response to the speech.
“Since day one, Governor Whitmer has rolled up her sleeves to get things done for the people of Michigan,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  “During her time in public service, she has led the charge to expand health care to hundreds of thousands of people, expand protections for hard-working middle-class families and ensure clean drinking water in our communities.  Her decades of hard work on behalf of the people should serve as a model for our nation.  She’s a forward-looking leader who is laser-focused on solving problems for everyday Michiganders and is uniquely qualified to deliver Democrats’ message of progress for all Americans.”
"Governor Whitmer's dedication to Michiganders is a model for public servants everywhere. Thanks to her tireless efforts, thousands more families across the state have access to quality health care, safer drinking water and the opportunity for a good-paying job," said Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer.  "Whether it's pledging to 'Fix the Damn Roads' or investing in climate solutions, Governor Whitmer's vision for the future is exactly what this country needs, and I'm thrilled she is giving the Democratic response.”
“Across the country, Democrats are staying focused on building a stronger, more sustainable country for future generations” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  “As leaders, it’s our responsibility to ensure a safe, healthy future for our children and families, and that’s exactly what we’re working toward in Michigan.  That means protecting our environment from the harmful effects of climate change, ensuring a great public education that gets our kids on a path to a good job that they can raise a family on, and keeping them healthy by expanding access to quality, affordable health care and protecting those with pre-existing conditions.  This response is an exciting opportunity to show the American people that not only are Democrats getting things done for them, but also for future generations to come.”
Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a lifelong Michigander, lawyer, educator and former prosecutor, State Representative and Senator.  Governor Whitmer was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2000 and elected to the Michigan State Senate in 2006 where she served as the Senate Democratic Leader and was the first woman to lead a Senate caucus.  As Senate Democratic Leader, she led negotiations to expand access to health care for more than 680,000 Michiganders through the state’s Medicaid expansion, which has also added 30,000 jobs per year and $2.3 billion to the economy.  Since being elected Governor, she has put together the most diverse cabinet in Michigan’s history and has signed executive directives to clean up drinking water, end discrimination in state government based on sexual orientation and gender identity, secure equal pay for equal work and expand opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses.
“Democrats in Congress are pleased to announce that Congresswoman Veronica Escobar will be delivering the Spanish language response,” said Speaker Pelosi.  “Congresswoman Escobar is an outstanding Member of Congress, who made history as the first of two Latinas from Texas to serve in the Congress.  In the House of Representatives, she is making a difference for El Pasoans and for all Americans, as she fights to end the gun violence epidemic and to protect children and families at the southwest border.  Her values and vision beautifully represent our party and our country, and we look forward to hearing her positive message of progress.”
"Whether it's giving a voice to Latinos across America, or helping her home town of El Paso heal after gun violence, or holding the Trump Administration accountable for its assaults on the vulnerable, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar has embodied the best of public service in her first year in Congress," said Senate Democratic Leader Schumer.  "At times like these, we need champions to step up, so I am thrilled she will deliver the Democratic Spanish-language response."
“I am honored to be delivering the Democratic Spanish-language response to President Trump’s State of the Union and look forward to addressing our nation on the progress Democrats have made For the People,” said Congresswoman Veronica Escobar.  “Our diversity is our strength.  Now more than ever, Democrats will continue to celebrate our diversity, defend our democracy, and work for a more equal and just nation.”
Congresswoman Veronica Escobar proudly represents Texas’s 16th Congressional District in El Paso.  She took office on January 3, 2019 as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives after making history as the first woman elected to this seat and the first of two Latinas from Texas to serve in Congress.  Congresswoman Escobar serves on the prestigious House Judiciary Committee, as well as the House Armed Services Committee.  She was elected by the House Democratic Caucus freshman class as Freshman Co-Representative to Leadership and serves in leadership positions on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), and the Democratic Women’s Caucus.  She is also a member of the New Democrat Coalition and the Women’s Working Group on Immigration, where she serves as Co-Chair.  Before coming to Congress, she served on the governing body for El Paso County, first as a County Commissioner and then as County Judge.