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Governor Whitmer Signs a Series of Bills Into Law


December 29, 2020  




Governor Whitmer Signs a Series of Bills Into Law 


LANSING, Mich. -- Today, Governor Whitmer signed over 80 bills into law. The bills are outlined below.   




HB 4159 

Amends the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act to increase oversight of brownfield redevelopment authorities (BRAs). The act allows municipalities to create BRAs to develop and implement brownfield projects. 

Rep. Brandt Iden (R- Oshtemo Twp.) 

HB 4170 

Designates a portion of highway M-52 as the "Trooper Byron J. Erickson Memorial Highway" in honor of Michigan State Police Trooper Erickson who died from injuries from the line of duty.  

Rep. Bronna Kahle (R-Adrian) 

HB 4223 

Establishes a dental assessment requirement for children who register for kindergarten or first grade for the first time.  

Rep. Scott VanSingel (R-Grant) 

HB 4313 

Requires a pheasant hunting license to hunt pheasants and to allow collectors to obtain a pheasant hunting stamp. The bill specifies that a license registered in this way will not be recognized as a valid hunting license.  

Rep. Gary Howell (R- North Branch) 

HB 4395 

Eliminates requirement of audible signal when being overtaken and passed by another vehicle on the right. 

Rep. Robert Wittenberg (Huntington Woods) 

HB 4396 

Repeals Section 19 or Public Act 368 which prohibits obstructions and encroachments as a result of moving on public highways.  

Rep. Robert Wittenberg (Huntington Woods) 

HB 4437 

Amends the Occupational Code to create new requirements for individuals seeking a license to practice mortuary science.  

Rep. Rodney Wakeman (R- Lake Ann) 

HB 4508 

Changes the definition of travel insurance and to add a new chapter to regulate the sale of travel insurance  

Rep. Michael Webber (R- Rochester Hills) 

HB 4694  

Modifies a provision that allows certain retirees to work without losing retirement benefits while serving as a school renewal coach or high impact leadership facilitator under certain circumstances. 

Rep. Jim Lilly (R- Park Township) 


HB 4923 

Prohibits a person from importing, manufacturing, selling, distributing, installing, or reinstalling a counterfeit supplemental restraint system or a nonfunctional airbag. The bill also prohibits a person from selling, leasing, or trading a vehicle known to have been installed with a counterfeit supplemental restraint system or a nonfunctional airbag. 

Rep. Jim Lilly (R- Park Township) 

HB 4924 

Amends the sentencing guidelines in the Code of Criminal Procedure to include the felony prescribed in House Bill 4924 (H-2) as a Class F felony against public safety, with a statutory maximum of 4 years' imprisonment. 

Rep. Sarah Anthony (D- Lansing) 

HB 5002 

Allows individuals under the age of 17 to take and possess aquatic species in Michigan waters without an all-species fishing license. The bill also prescribes a $2 fee for a resident or nonresident under the age of 17 who chose to obtain an all-species fishing license 

Rep. Gary Howell (R- North Branch) 

HB 5003 

Amends Part 435 of the Natural Resources Environmental Protection Act to exempt individuals under 17 years of age from an additional $1 fee for an all-species fishing license. 

Rep. Julie Brixie (D- East Lansing) 

HB 5024  

Allows townships to levy a tax up to one mil for up to six years on all of the taxable property for mosquito abatement. The bill also sets rules on ballot proposals as well as tax levies and collections.  

Rep. Tim Sneller (D- Burton) 

HB 5025 

Allows townships to finance mosquito abatements performed by private contractors through special assessment. 

Rep. Gary Howell (R- North Branch)  

HB 5054 

Amends the Sexual Assault Victim's Access to Justice Act to provide that notices and responses sent under this act to enrollees in the Address Confidentiality Program must be sent to their program address not their residence. 

Rep. Diana Farrington (R- Utica) 

HB 5055 

Amends the Code of Criminal Procedure to require that notices provided to victims by officers after investigating or intervening in a domestic violence incident include information regarding the address confidentiality program. 

Rep. Julie Calley (R- Portland) 

HB 5056-58 

Together amend the William Van Regenmorter Crime Victim's Rights Act to allow a program participant to use their program-designated address to receive various notices of court proceedings and outcomes in their abuser's case.  

Reps. Kristy Pagan (D- Canton), Daire Rendon (R- Lake City), and Kyra Bolden (D- Southfield)  

HB 5059 

Amends the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act to provide for reimbursement to intermediate school districts (ISDs) for tax increment funds captured by a brownfield authority. 

Rep. Bradley Slagh (R- Zeeland) 

HB 5085 

Allows veterinarian to consult with pet owners on the use of marihuana and industrial hemp for the pet's consumption 

Rep. Greg Markkanen (R- Hancock) 

HB 5126 

Amends the procedure for amending a drainage district and the notice procedure for levying drain special assessments 

Rep. Steve Johnson (R- Wayland) 

HB 5178 

Requires the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to establish, maintain, and revise, as necessary, a uniform community mental health services credentialing program for state department or agency use. 

Rep. Hank Vaupel (R- Howell)  

HB 5197 

Allows municipalities to reproduce certain construction documents in electronic or digital file format, and dispose of the original documents, as long as certain conditions are met.  

Rep. Matt Maddock (R- Milford) 

HB 5198 

Amends Michigan Penal Code to provide that disposal of official records be subject to the changes to the Records Reproduction Act proposed by HB 5197. 

Rep. Matt Maddock (R- Milford) 

HB 5298 

Requires DHHS to establish psychiatric residential treatment facilities (PRTFs) for Medicaid patients under age 21 and enables the department to establish a Medicaid policy and promulgate rules as necessary.  

Rep. Mary Whiteford (R- Casco Twp.) 

HB 5314 

Allows a county road commission to enter into a contract or agreement for the purchase of real or personal property for public purposes, to be paid for in installments over a period of up to 30 years.  

Rep. Greg Markkanen (R- Hancock) 

HB 5333 

Amends the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to restrict the use of money in the Forest Development Fund. 

Rep. Greg Markkanen (R- Hancock) 

HB 5426 

Creates the "Michigan cyber civilian corps advisor" position which allows individuals to serve as non-deployable advisors in the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps (MiC3).   

Rep. Matt Hall (R- Emmett Twp.) 

HB 5427 

Requires that the Michigan cyber civilian corps advisory board meet at least twice annually to meet criteria to qualify as a volunteer, to , review and make recommendations on individuals applying for advisor status, and track volunteer trainings to ensure compliance with DTMB standards. 

Rep. Greg VanWoerkom (R- Norton Shores) 

HB 5470 

Amends the Revised School Code to allow the Michigan Department of Education to submit annual and quarterly interim reports on deficits incurred or projected by school districts, intermediate school districts (ISDs), and public school academies (PSAs) electronically, by mail, or in person. 

Rep. Aaron Miller (R- Sturgis) 

HB 5504 

Amends the Drain Code of 1956 to allow for costs incurred for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of a drain to be financed and assessed for up to 10 years. 

Rep. Jim Lower (R- Eureka Twp.) 


HB 5553 

Designates a portion of I-75 located in the city of Taylor in honor of Private First Class Holly McGeogh, a US Army Service Member killed in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom on January 31, 2004. 

Rep. Alex Garza (D- Taylor)  

HB 5570 

Designates portion of Highway M-60 in Jackson County as the "Sergeant Matthew R. Soper Memorial Highway." Sergeant Soper was a member of the Michigan Army National Guard who died serving in Iraq due to injuries sustained from an IED that struck his vehicle. He was 25 years old. 

Rep. Julie Alexander (R- Hanover) 

HB 5611 

Modifies number of years an interest, claim, or charge can be preserved for a marketable record title 

Rep. Jim Lower (R- Eureka Twp.) 

HB 5679 

Identifies certain offenses for which registration on the state sex offender's registry is required and brings SORA into constitutional compliance by aligning it with federal SORNA.   

Rep. Jim Lower (R- Eureka Twp.) 

HB 5770 

Prohibits a third-party delivery service from using any likeness or intellectual property of a restaurant or other retailer without prior written consent. 

Rep. Mike Mueller (R- Linden) 

HB 5825 

Amends the General Property Tax Act, so that retroactively between April 6, 2020 and through December 31, 2020 reviews of assessments and delivery of completed assessment rolls will be considered timely if completed before the effective date of this bill, April 6, 2020.  

Rep. Greg Markkanen (R- Hancock) 

HB 5827 

Amends the Public Health Code to specify requirements needed for an individual to be licensed as a dental therapist.  

Jason Sheppard (R- Temperance)  

HB 5920 

Requires the Secretary of State develop and issue a fund-raising license plate recognizing sickle cell anemia education and treatment. 

Rep. Ronnie Peterson (D- Ypsilanti)  

HB 6333 

Removes the current lottery-style seat selection system and  grants of authority to the Clerk to allocate seats in the hall between the political parties elected to the office of state representative at the immediately preceding general election.   

Rep. Steve Johnson (R- Wayland) 

SB 070 

Creates the new Address Confidentiality Program Act. This establishes a program in which the Department of the Attorney General (DAG) and the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB) oversee a designated address for registered individuals electing to participate who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, or stalking and who face physical harm if their residential addresses are disclosed.  

Senator Ruth Johnson (R- Holly) 

SB 071 

Makes the voter registration application, qualified voter file, and absentee ballot application of participants under the Address Confidentiality Act confidential and not subject to disclosure under FOIA 

Senator Tom Barrett (R- Charlotte) 

SB 072 

Prohibits the Department, Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI), school district, intermediate school district, public school academy, education management organization, or authorizing body from disclosing the confidential address of a student under the Address Confidentiality Program.  

Senator Ruth Johnson (R- Holly) 

SB 073 

Amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to include the confidential address of an individual enrolled in the address confidentiality program within the definition of "highly restricted personal information."  

Senator Stephanie Chang (D- Detroit)  

SB 074 

Allows the Secretary of State to issue an enhanced driver license or enhanced official state personal ID card to a Address Confidentiality Program participant, along with the other required documents. 

Senator Erika Geiss (D- Taylor) 

SB 075 

Provides personal identification cards in similar way to SB 73 and SB 74. 

Senator Lana Theis (R- Brighton) 

SB 076 

Provides that an application assistant or victim advocate's assistance provided in accordance with the address confidentiality program does not violate section 915 of the act prohibiting non-legal and non-licensed professionals from practicing law in Michigan.  

Senator Kim LaSata (R- Bainbridge)  

SB 082 

Allows bars and restaurants to obtain a liquor license that allows them to sell liquor and spirits for costumers to take and consume at home. 

Senator Pete Lucido (R- Shelby Twp.) 

SB 1015 

Aligns Michigan Law with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Credit for Reinsurance Model Law #785.  

Senator Lana Theis (R- Brighton)  

SB 1021 

Reinstitutes the ability for licensed Canadian health professionals to be licensed, registered, or certified in Michigan, provided that they meet the educational, examination, and billing requirements in Michigan law. 

Senator Wayne Schmidt (R- Traverse City)  

SB 1052 

Amends Michigan Promise Zone Act to allow fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction to be included as a "qualified educational expense" if those expenses were provided for in a promise zone's development plan. 

Senator Jon Bumstead (R- Newaygo) 

SB 1053 

Allows for the deferral of special assessments on the principal residences of limited-income senior citizens (65 or older) or totally and permanently disabled persons. 

Senator Roger Victory (R- Hudsonville)  

SB 1075 

Convey or transfer state-owned property consisting of two parcels in Marenisco Township, Gogebic County 

Senator Ed McBroom (R- Vulcan) 

SB 1091 

Amends the Friend of the Court Act to add a new section that requires monthly support payment be abated, by operation of law, when the parent becomes incarcerated for 180 days or more and has no ability to pay support. 

Senator John Bizon (R- Battle Creek) 

SB 1133 

Creates a Propane Commission within the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development by creating a new Act. The Commission will be responsible for fostering, developing, and promoting the sale and safe use of propane throughout Michigan through research, promotion, advertising, market expansion, development of new markets, education, publicity programs, and developing and disseminating market and industry information. 

Senator Ed McBroom (R- Vulcan) 

SB 1160  

Changes certificate of need requirements for an extended care services program  

Senator Rick Outman (R- Six Lakes) 

SB 1182 

Revises annual license fees for mortuary science, funeral director, and funeral home establishment licensees 

Senator Jim Stamas (R- Midland) 

SB 1186 

Amends the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act to suspend the apprval process to use electronic records and signatures from April 30, 2020 to June 30, 2021.  

Senator Peter MacGregor (R- Rockford)  

SB 1187 

Amends the Michigan Law on Notarial Acts to extend the validity of a notary public's commission that is set to expire after March 1, 2020 and before June 30, 2021, rendering it valid through June 30, 2021.   

Senator Peter MacGregor (R- Rockford)  

SB 1188 

Amends the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act to allow the register of deeds to accept electronic documents between April 30, 2020 and June 30, 2020.  

Senator Peter MacGregor (R- Rockford)  

SB 1189 

Amends the Estates and Protected Individuals Code to allow for the use of 2-way real-time audiovisual technology to sign and witness the execution of documents.  

Senator Peter MacGregor (R- Rockford)  

SB 1258 

Amends the protections for workers from retaliation for quarantining or isolating under circumstances specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to include utility workers and any other works designated by the Director of DHHS.  

Senator Peter MacGregor (R- Rockford) 

SB 195 

Creates a Family Reunification Advisory Board within the Department of Corrections (MDOC) and requires MDOC to create a family reunification policy.  

Senator Stephanie Chang (D- Detroit)  

SB 379 

Requires the Michigan Department of Transportation to research the use of agricultural additives to control ice on public roads, highway, and bridges and report those findings to the legislature.  

Senator Roger Victory (R- Georgetown Twp.) 

SB 417 

Allows law enforcement officers, firefighters, and eligible entities to govern who my purchase, possess, and distribute auto-injectable epinephrine.  

Senator Pete Lucido (R- Shelby Twp.) 

SB 418  

Creates the "Law Enforcement and Firefighter Access to Epinephrine Act." 

Senator Mike MacDonald (R- Macomb Twp.) 

SB 464 

Requires financial institution to implement a policy for training employees to recognize signs of covered financial exploitation and for reporting that activity to a law enforcement agency or Adult Protective Services  

Senator Pete Lucido (R- Shelby Twp.) 

SB 465 

Amends the Social Welfare Act to allow a county department of social services to notify a financial institution of the status of a report of suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation that was made by that financial institution 

Senator Pete Lucido (R- Shelby Twp.) 

SB 533 

Changes the definition of armed robbery  to possession of an article "used or fashioned in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to believe the article is a dangerous weapon." 

Senator Pete Lucido (R- Shelby Twp.) 

SB 592 

Allows retired employees of the Department of Corrections (DOC) who have been retired for at least 30 days to provide certain services through a third-party contractual arrangement without forfeiting their retirement benefits. 

Senator Ed McBroom (R- Vulcan) 

SB 611 

Amends amend the Library Privacy Act to allow libraries to share patron information with collections agencies and law enforcement under certain circumstances. 

Senator Pete MacGregor (R- Rockford) 

SB 657 

Amends Revised School Code to provide for an interim teaching certificate (ITC) via an alternate route for those seeking to teach special education. 

Senator Lana Theis (R- Brighton)  

SB 809 

Amends the Health Care False Claim Act to expand an exception for certain acts from being considered violations of the prohibition against kickbacks and bribes. 

Senator Jim Stamas (R- Midland)  

SB 813 

Amends the Mental Health Code to require DHHS to investigates and report both suicides and deaths occurring soon after discharge from certain psychiatric facilities.  

Senator Jim Ananich (D- Flint)  

SB 820 

Includes PGA Tour Champions Tournament as a sports-related event eligible to receive a national sporting event license that allows the sale of alcohol on the premises 

Senator Kim LaSata (R- Bainbridge Twp.) 

SB 843 

Allows school employees in good faith to administer auto-injectable epinephrine without being civilly or criminally liable unless the conduct was willful or wanton misconduct. 

Senator Pete Lucido (R- Shelby Twp.) 

SB 844 

Allows agency employees or agents to administer opioid antagonists under this act in good faith without civil liability for injury, death, or damages for the administration or failure to administer. 

Senator Mike MacDonald (R- Macomb Twp.) 

SB 879  

Amends the Insurance Code to require health insurance policy coverage of emergency and early refills 

Senator Pete MacGregor (R- Rockford) 

SB 910 

Removes the requirement that a minor apply for a work permit in person and the requirement that work permits for minors under 16 be printed on different color paper than those for minors over 16. Instead, the bill requires only that the work permits for minors under 16 clearly indicate that the minor is under 16. 

Senator Roger Victory (R- Georgetown Twp.) 

SB 920 

Allows pharmacists to dispense emergency refills of up to a 60-day supply of a prescription drug that is not a controlled substance until March 31, 2021.  

Senator Pete MacGregor (R- Rockford)  

SB 921  

Designates a portion of highway M-35 in Forsyth Township as "Ben Lauren and Don Riling Memorial Highway." Benjamin Lauren was a fire captain at the Forsyth Township Fire Department, a volunteer department. On March 12, 2020, he was injured fatally while fighting a structure fire. Don Riling was a professional firefighter with the United States Air Force and a firefighter with the Forsyth Township Fire Department. On March 19, 1988, he died while fighting a fire in Forsyth Township. 

Senator Ed McBroom (R- Vulcan)  

SB 970 

Amends the Tobacco Products Tax Act to revise provisions concerning the sale of tobacco products in Michigan by out-of-state sellers.  

Senator Jim Runestad (R- White Lake)  

SB 991 

Amends the Lawful Internet Gaming Act to allow the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) to enter into agreements to facilitate multijurisdictional internet poker. 

Senator Curtis Hertel (D- East Lansing)