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Whitmer Signs Executive Directive to Boost Voter Registration


Sunday, May 1 



Gov. Whitmer Signs Executive Directive to Boost Voter Registration

Governor speaks at the NAACP’s 67th Freedom Fund Dinner

DETROIT, Mich. Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke at the 67th NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit and signed an executive directive to boost voter registration earlier today. Last year, the Governor vetoed several bills at the 66th Freedom Fund Dinner that would have made it significantly harder for citizens to participate in our democracy. The Governor’s actions this year build on her efforts to protect voting rights for all Michiganders. 

Tonight, I was proud to join the NAACP to reaffirm our shared commitment to protect civil rights and ensure every American citizen can make their voice heard at the ballot box,” said Governor Whitmer. “Earlier today, I signed an executive directive instructing state departments and agencies to identify opportunities to help Michiganders register to vote at their facilities. Right now, we are up against a coordinated national attack on voting rights designed to undermine confidence in our elections and systematically disenfranchise communities of color, seniors, and young people. I will continue to stand up against efforts to strip away people’s rights and work to expand access to the vote so everyone eligible can participate.”

“Democracy is a team sport, and this directive sets a clear vision for state agencies to join our department in working to ensure every eligible voter is active and engaged in our democracy,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “At a time when many want to make it more difficult for us to have secure and accessible elections, I’m grateful to Governor Whitmer for working with us to expand voting access to every citizen in Michigan.”

Executive Directive to Boost Voter Registration

Today, Governor Whitmer signed executive directive 2022-04, instructing all state departments and agencies to identify and assess potential opportunities to help eligible Michiganders register to vote and gain access to reliable information about voting.

State departments and agencies must look at ways to provide Michiganders with reliable information on voter registration and voting, including displays in public spaces, printed materials, online information, public announcements, and social media posts. They must also consider which of their offices could help register voters by distributing vote by mail applications, helping Michiganders complete their voter registration forms, and accepting applications for voter registration. 

Michigan’s state government interacts with citizens from all walks of life in countless ways: from providing fishing and driver’s licenses to supporting veterans, educating children, and administering Medicaid or food assistance. This level of engagement which extends to all 83 Michigan counties, provides the state an opportunity and obligation to reach the citizens they serve and empower them to fully participate in our democracy.

The executive directive can be viewed here.