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Governor Whitmer Signs Bills Supporting Michigan Students and More


May 26, 2022



Governor Whitmer Signs Bills Supporting Michigan Students, Other Legislation

LANSING, Mich. -- Today Governor Whitmer signed House Bill 4953, which ensures all Michigan students are aware of the various post-graduation opportunities available to them. 

"Every child in this state deserves a phenomenal public education and a path to a high-wage job,” said Governor Whitmer. “I have made historic investments in our public schools without raising taxes to give every kid in every community an opportunity to pursue their potential. We will continue finding ways to put our kids on track to graduate and pursue postsecondary education, skills training, or good-paying jobs."

“As our students make important life choices about what to do after high school, it’s vital to ensure they are well-informed of their options,” said Rep. David Martin, R - Davidson. “Not all paths to success hinge on a four-year college degree. Many young people may prefer trade school or public service, and I’m glad this change will help present them with the diverse career opportunities in their communities and across Michigan.”

House Bill 4953 ensures Michigan students are aware of the various post-graduation opportunities available to them, by requiring the Michigan Department of Education to develop and provide public schools with materials related to various career pathways for distribution to students in grades 8 to 12.

House Bill 4953 is sponsored by Rep. David Martin, R - Davidson, and a copy can be found here

Governor Whitmer also signed House Bills 4631, 4632, and 4960.  

House Bills 4631 and 4632 allow cash or property seized in association with a drug crime by law enforcement at certain airports to be subject to forfeiture if the value of the cash or property exceeds $20,000. Together, these bills empower airport authorities to crack down on drug crimes at airports. 

“This bill will help ensure that law enforcement and airport security officers have the tools to stop drug traffickers from coming into Michigan,” said Rep. Graham Filler, R – DeWitt. “My thanks to the governor for signing this important legislation that will improve public safety."

“Michigan is a safer place to live today thanks to Governor Whitmer signing my House Bill 4632,” said Rep. Alex Garza, D – Taylor. “Drug traffickers will now think twice before trying to profit off the lives of our residents. I am extremely happy this legislation has now become law.” 

House Bill 4631 was sponsored by Rep. Graham Filler, R – DeWitt, House Bill 4632 was sponsored by Rep. Alex Garza, D – Taylor, and copies can be found here and here

House Bill 4960 updates the requirements for towed vehicle information to be put into the Law Enforcement Information Network system. 

The bill requires police officers to list a newly abandoned or stolen vehicle in a statewide law enforcement database within 24 hours of the vehicle being impounded. This reporting requirement on law enforcement will significantly help the owner of these vehicles to identify where their lost or stolen vehicle is located.

House Bill 4960 was sponsored by Rep. Andrew Fink, R – Hillsdale, and a copy can be found here.