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Governor Whitmer Signs Bill Helping Michigan Distilleries


July 5, 2022



Governor Whitmer Signs Bill Helping Michigan Distilleries

LANSING, Mich. -- Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bill 4842 into law, which cuts costs for small Michigan distilleries and supports Michigan grain farmers. House Bill 4842 assists Michigan's growing craft distillery industry by lowering mark up costs associated with the purchase of Michigan grain, increasing the number of bottles distillers can produce while saving them and their customers money.  Today’s bill signing brings the total number of bipartisan bills signed by Governor Whitmer to 883.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and today I am proud to sign bipartisan legislation that supports an iconic and growing Michigan industry – craft distilleries," said Governor Whitmer. "Since my first day in office, I have been focused on growing Michigan's economy, creating good-paying jobs, and investing in a range of industries across Michigan, including our strong food and agriculture businesses. This bipartisan bill lowering costs for Michigan distillers demonstrates what we are capable of when we work together and put Michiganders first.”

“I thank Governor Whitmer for signing this bipartisan legislation and her ongoing support for expanding and investing in Michigan’s food and agriculture businesses, including our growing craft beverage sector,” said Gary McDowell, director, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Michigan ranks 7th in the nation for craft distilleries and generates more than a billion dollars in economic activity. By using more locally grown and sourced products, it creates additional opportunities for our farmers, keeps more jobs in Michigan and supports local economies across the state.”

“Of more than 80 craft distillers in the state, many are currently using Michigan grain in a portion of their product,” said Jenelle Jagmin, executive director, Michigan Craft Beverage Council. “This new bill creates an incentive for craft distillers to use Michigan grown grain, providing additional markets for our farmers. It also provides opportunities for craft distillers using Michigan grain to invest back into their businesses and communities, creating even more good-paying jobs.”

This bill was sponsored by Rep. Pat Outman, R – Six Lakes, and a copy can be found here.

“The signing of this bill today by Governor Whitmer is the single largest help for craft distillers since 2007 when Grand Traverse Distillery started producing spirits,” said Kent Rabish, owner of Grand Traverse Distillery. “We have always use local grain and this is going to help the bottom line tremendously. We were planning on a price increase with our vodka line since we have never increased the price and with the cost-of-living adjustments we just couldn’t afford to sell it any longer at $30 a bottle. This bill helps us maintain the cost for consumers.”

“This new law will benefit Michigan by spurring the growth of our craft distillery industry and the state’s grain industry,” said Rep. Pat Outman, R – Six Lakes. “Expanding the law to include small distilleries is a win for the state economy, and I appreciate Governor Whitmer’s partnership on this important legislation.”- Rep. Outman

“House Bill 4842 represents an opportunity for Michigan to become one of the leading states in the country in support of the growing craft distilling industry,” said Jon O’Connor, President of the Michigan Craft Distillers Association. “By incentivizing the use of more Michigan grown agriculture to create distilled spirits, small distillers can further invest in new and innovative products, while working with agriculture producers to cultivate grains, fruits and other inputs needed to create world class products.”

Gov. Whitmer signs bill helping Michigan Distilleries

Gov. Whitmer signs bill helping Michigan Distilleries