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Gov. Whitmer Launches Website to Help Students Apply for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, Save Thousands


November 2, 2022  



Gov. Whitmer Launches Website to Help Students Apply for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, Save Thousands

Vast majority of graduating seniors eligible for annual scholarship up to $2,750 at community college, $4,000 at private college or university, and $5,500 for public universities


LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer launched a new webpage to help the graduating class of 2023 apply for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship and lower their cost of college by thousands of dollars a year. Students should talk to their parents or guardian, gather documents, and fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible to save up to $8,250 over three years as they earn their associate degree at a community college, up to $20,000 over five years at a private college, or up to $27,500 over five years at a public university. 


“For too long, high costs have been a barrier to higher education,” said Governor Whitmer. “I am so excited that we worked across the aisle to establish the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, lowering the cost of college by thousands of dollars a year for the vast majority of graduating seniors, starting with the class of 2023. All students need to do to get their Michigan Achievement Scholarship is fill out their FAFSA. I encourage every student going to community college, private college, or a public university in Michigan to speak with their parents or guardian, get their documents together, and fill out their FAFSA to save thousands of dollars.” 


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship will make additional education possible for the majority of Michigan’s new college students after they earn their high school diploma or equivalency,” said Sarah Szurpicki, director of the Office of Sixty by 30. “This scholarship is game-changing for Michigan families. Creating more pathways to education beyond high school means creating more pathways for Michigan students, families, and businesses to succeed.” 


Michigan Achievement Scholarship  

To make college more affordable for families, grow Michigan’s talent pool, and get the state closer to achieving its Sixty by 30 goal, the governor signed bipartisan legislation creating the Michigan Achievement Scholarship. This legislation builds on Governor Whitmer’s promise in 2019 to pass Michigan Reconnect and Michigan Opportunity Scholarships to reach the state’s Sixty by 30 goal of 60% of adults with a skill certificate or college degree by 2030.  


Starting with the class of 2023, graduates are eligible for annual scholarships up to:  

  • $2,750 at a community college 
  • $4,000 at a private college or university  
  • $5,500 at a public university  


The scholarships are renewable for up to 3 years at a community college and up to 5 years at a private college or public university, totaling up to: 

  • $8,250 at community college 
  • $20,000 at a private college or university 
  • $27,500 at a public university 


Students will be eligible if their family demonstrates financial need when they complete the FAFSA. The Michigan Achievement Scholarship will cover:  

  • 94% of students attending community colleges   
  • 79% of students attending a private college or university   
  • 76% of students attending a public university  


For more information on how to get your Michigan Achievement Scholarship, visit


College & University Leaders Signal Support at Campuses Across the State (Listed Alphabetically) 

Across Michigan, colleges and universities stand ready to welcome students next fall and help them maximize their Michigan Achievement Scholarship.  


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship will make a significant, positive impact on the finances of thousands of college students in our state. I'm grateful to Governor Whitmer for her commitment to making college more accessible and affordable for all,” said Jeff Abernathy, President of Alma College. “For all students, completing the FAFSA is the most important next step to access these funds—and I encourage all students, parents and guardians to work together to file it as soon as possible.”  


"We salute Governor Whitmer and the bi-partisan leadership in the Senate and House for their historic investment in the Michigan Achievement Scholarship," said Don MacMaster, President of Alpena Community College. "These scholarships will help Michigan students succeed and drive our State toward the worthy Sixty by 30 goal. We thank the leaders for their vision and collaborative focus on student success.  When we work together, great things happen."   


This is a game changer for students in the UP for whom the cost of college can be a significant barrier,” Laura Coleman, President of Bay College. “We are excited to welcome Michigan Achievement Scholars at Bay College starting in 2023 and even more excited to help increase the number of Michiganders with college degrees and certificates by 2030.”   


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship provides a pathway for the graduating class of 2023 to focus on their studies while finding their passion without worrying about finances,” said Duane Bedell, President of Bay Mills Community College. “Bay Mills Community College is excited for the class of 2023 and the potential impact this will have on our community members and future leaders.”      


“We appreciate the bipartisan effort that created the Michigan Achievement Scholarship,” said Bob Davies, President of Central Michigan University. “At CMU, we have taken enormous steps to ensure accessibility and affordability for students, including keeping tuition low and offering a robust scholarship program. This new scholarship will enhance those efforts for the benefit of our students.” 


“The value of education cannot be quantified in dollars, but its cost should not be a barrier.  This scholarship does significant work to remove and reduce that barrier,” said Mike Gavin, President of Delta College. “Delta College, like the other community colleges in the state, welcomes all students with the goal of connecting them to better lives through transfer or work opportunities.” 


“I am thrilled to see this level of support from the state for our students. We are excited about the opportunity this will provide so many students across the state who struggle with having funds to pay for college,” said Bill Pink, President of Ferris State University. “This will help our students complete their education and move on to a viable career path that enables them to support themselves and their families.” 


"The Michigan Achievement Scholarship, which provides up to $2,750 for 2023 MI high school seniors attending one of Michigan’s 31 community colleges, is an amazing addition to the campaign for the drive to Sixty by 30,” said David Devier, President of Glen Oaks Community College. “It, coupled with the MI Reconnect program for 21-year-old and older Michiganders, provides an option for every Michigan citizen the opportunity to achieve a career credential. " 


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a gamechanger for helping students to pursue their dreams and goals,” said George McNulty, President of Gogebic Community College. “Gogebic Community College would like to thank Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Legislature for their commitment and support of higher education”. 


“Community colleges are proudly an affordable, accessible option for students looking for a quality education. But so many high school grads continue to face financial obstacles," said Dr. Juan Olivarez, Interim President of Grand Rapids Community College. "The new Michigan Achievement Scholarship can make a college dream a reality, covering most of the cost of a full year at a community college. That’s great for students, and also strengthens our greater community and state.” 


“This will be a game changer for Michigan families,” said Philomena V. Mantella, President of Grand Valley State University. “The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a huge step in the right direction, giving financial support to low- and middle-income students who want and need to obtain a college degree. This will have a long-term effect by changing individual lives while producing talent for our state.” 


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a game changer for Michigan students and their families”, said Russ Kavalhuna, President of Henry Ford College. “This is a smart investment in Michigan’s future, and will directly impact the pocketbooks of students and their families right here in Dearborn.” 


“I greatly appreciate the actions of the Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer for the creation of the Michigan Achievement Scholarship,” Dan Phelan, President of Jackson College. “Structured partially as a ‘first-dollar’ support for students, the Governor has extended the power of the Pell Grant, allowing it to address even more of the total expenses that prevent students from attending college. Now, students will have more support in covering transportation, childcare, and other costs, in a way not possible before. At a time where we need more Michiganders college educated and trained to enter the workforce, the Michigan Achievement Scholarship is the right solution as it sets Michigan ahead of many other states.” 


"Keeping college affordable has always been a priority at Kalamazoo Valley Community College,” said L. Marshall Washington, President of Kalamazoo Valley Community College. “We are pleased that students of the graduating class of 2023 will now have another option to help lower the cost of college by applying for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship.  This new opportunity goes a long way toward helping learners of all ages access a post-secondary education."  


“At Kellogg Community College, we support and welcome all efforts by the State of Michigan to eliminate the cost barrier that inhibits access to a college education,” said Paul Watson II, Interim President of Kellogg Community College. “Our Bruins will benefit from the Michigan Achievement Scholarship as they prepare to enter the workforce or transfer to a university with less of a financial burden, which sets them up for greater success after completing their degrees.” 


“By attaching Michigan Achievement scholarships to the FAFSA application process, our state government leaders are making it very difficult for someone to create an excuse to NOT attend college,” said Tom Quinn, President of Kirtland Community College. “Community colleges, such as Kirtland, already provide additional aid on top of that received from FAFSA and now the state is putting even more aid on top of that. The financial burden of obtaining a certificate or associate degree, from a community college, is smaller and more accessible than ever with these Michigan Achievement Scholarships.” 


"At Lake Michigan College, we believe education is essential; it shouldn't be expensive," said Dr. Trevor A. Kubatzke, President of Lake Michigan College. "Last year, more than 94 percent of our students received some form of financial aid, scholarship, or grant money. By helping our students save thousands of dollars a year, the Michigan Achievement Scholarship creates another opportunity to build the skilled and educated workforce needed in our community." 


"At Lake Superior State University, 60 percent of our students are the first in their families to attend college, and 55 percent come from a background of extreme financial need,” said Rodney Hanley, President of Lake Superior State University. “Almost all students who are eligible for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship will be able to attend LSSU tuition free. This scholarship program will be nothing less than transformational in the lives of our students and the economy of Michigan." 


“This much-needed investment in Michigan’s future is a huge win for Michigan students and families,” said Steve Robinson, President of Lansing Community College. “The future of our State depends on growing the number of Michiganders with certificates and degrees, and this scholarship will do exactly that.” 


“Research clearly shows that earning a college degree leads to individual prosperity and supports the economic vitality of our communities,” said James Sawyer, President of Macomb Community College. “The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a great investment in our youth that will not only yield returns for them over their entire lifetime, but will also benefit their families and our communities.” 


"Michigan Technological University is excited to see this investment in the future Michigan workforce,” said Rick Koubek, President of Michigan Technological University. “Critical skills degrees are the foundation for building Michigan's economy. And, with 94 percent of our graduates employed within their field of study after graduation, it's one more reason that students choose Michigan Tech for their undergraduate degree." 


“We are very enthused about the new Michigan Achievement Scholarships that are available to graduating high school seniors for college,” said Tim Hood, President of Mid Michigan College. “Our regional high schools are already working with us to expand dual enrollment funding for current high school students, and this will make enrolling at Mid Michigan College even more affordable, in some cases with little to no out-of-pocket expense.” 


“The Michigan Achievement scholarship is another step in a positive direction for the state’s efforts to reach the Sixty by 30 goal,” said Kojo Quartey, President of Monroe County Community College. “Such opportunities will help to enrich and transform the lives of many deserving students in our state, as we continue to remove more barriers for underserved students.” 


“We are so grateful that our State is not only investing in the class of 2023 but also removing barriers to apply for this funding,” said Stacy Young, President of Montcalm Community College. “The reality is that for some students, especially first-generation students, barriers of any kind can be the reason they do not attend college.”   


"Increasing college affordability is essential to ensuring that the doors of opportunity remain open and accessible for our high school seniors," said Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, President of Mott Community College President. "The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a great addition to the array of financial resources available to our prospective students." 


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a game changer for graduating seniors across the state. This new scholarship empowers high school students to choose the higher education option they feel most comfortable with, ensuring their success,” said John Selmon, President of Muskegon Community College. “Whether they select a personalized experience at a community college to gain valuable transfer credits, or earn career and technical certificates and credentials, their learning will advance our communities.” 


“We are very pleased with the State’s investment to make higher education significantly more affordable,” said David Roland Finley, president of North Central Michigan College in Petoskey.  “We strongly encourage high school seniors in Northern Michigan and all across the State to apply for the new Michigan Achievement Scholarship by completing their FAFSA.” 


“Northern Michigan University is very grateful to Governor Whitmer and everyone who worked so diligently to make the Michigan Achievement Scholarships a reality,” said Kerri Schuiling, President of Northern Michigan University. “These scholarships have the potential to support at least 700 of our incoming new freshmen next fall. This is a significant number because nearly one-third of our First-Time New Freshmen are first generation students. Thank you on behalf of our students and their families!” 


"The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for students and their families," said Northwestern Michigan College President Dr. Nick Nissley. "Now a college education will be more affordable and accessible, which means a brighter future for more Michiganders." 


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a financial boost to families trying to pay for college and completing the FAFSA is all it takes to apply.” said Peter Provenzano, Chancellor of Oakland Community College. “This common sense approach to financial aid allows families to focus on getting started with their academic journey.”  


“The timely creation of the Michigan Achievement Scholarship makes the cost of college more affordable for many families and is the type of support that improves opportunities for a diverse range of Michigan students,” said Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, President of Oakland University. “We are grateful to state legislators and Gov. Whitmer for their vision and commitment to a more educated Michigan where graduates are the backbone of the state’s economy and building a stronger future.” 


"We appreciate the support from the Governor and the Legislature for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship,” said Don Bachand, President of Saginaw Valley State University. “This investment to increase access and affordability for Michigan students to attend college and complete degrees will improve communities and expand the talent pipeline in career fields that are in high demand." 


“We are excited about this opportunity for our future students and the access to education it will provide for our community and tribe,” said Carla Sineway, President of Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College.  “With this scholarship, barriers are being removed and we are proud to support our community and students in their pursuit of higher education.”    


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship, deployed through the FASFA process with no additional red tape, will effectively reduce financial barriers for incoming students,” said Glenn Cerny, President of Schoolcraft College. “Schoolcraft College is confident this opportunity will revitalize the student pipeline for the workforce that is in desperate need.”  


“We are so grateful that all graduating Seniors in Michigan have this opportunity to receive additional funds to support their education,” said Sister Peg Albert, President of Siena Heights University. “Thanks to Governor Whitmer and the legislature for their insight providing a more talented workforce for the future of Michigan through higher education.” 


"Southwestern Michigan College is grateful to the Governor and Senator LaSata for the bi-partisan effort to create the Michigan Achievement Grant,” said Joe Odenwald, President of Southwestern Michigan College. “This is critical if we are to ensure that our State is competitive and has the workforce for the future.“ 


“The Michigan Achievement Scholarship will help more students pursue a college degree or certificate and start their careers with less debt, allowing for greater future economic and social mobility and prosperity,” said Dr. Deborah A. Snyder, President of St. Clair County Community College. “We are grateful to Governor Whitmer and our legislators for prioritizing this scholarship for Michigan residents.” 


"Attending the University of Michigan is a dream that should never be dimmed by fears of affordability. So we encourage all upcoming high school graduates to apply to Michigan Achievement Scholarship. Those scholarships will open new opportunities, build Michigan's future, and best of all, turn student dreams into realities," said Santa J. Ono, President of the University of Michigan


"We are grateful for the State's forward thinking financial-aid investment to help make a college degree affordable for Michigan residents,” said Domenico Grasso, Chancellor of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. “The Michigan Achievement Scholarship will help put a college education within financial reach. This will not only change the trajectories of many students' lives but will also help to produce the talent needed to keep Michigan's economy thriving." 


“The opportunities that will be afforded to so many students because of this scholarship are incredible and will help reduce financial anxiety in their educational journeys,” said Deba Dutta, Chancellor of University of Michigan-Flint. “This funding will not only substantially reduce the cost of tuition for students but will make it even more practical and affordable for them to pursue their career goals.” 


“Scholarships like these are critical to helping secure not only our students’ prosperous futures but ensure that we have a steady talent pipeline to fill Michigan’s jobs and fuel Michigan’s economy,” said Rose Bellanca, President of Washtenaw Community College. 


“As one of the largest community colleges in the state, we understand the power of higher education to propel people towards opportunity and realizing their potential,” said Dr. Curtis L. Ivery, Chancellor of the Wayne County Community College District. “We applaud Gov. Whitmer on the announcement of the Michigan Achievement Scholarship and encourage every high school student in Michigan to apply as a first step towards building their best lives through higher education.” 


“Offering Michigan residents a chance at a better life through a quality university degree is core to our mission at Wayne State University,” said M. Roy Wilson, President of Wayne State University. “Initiatives like Governor Whitmer’s Michigan Achievement Scholarship make it possible for us to open the door even wider to our community by improving affordability. This is a smart investment in Michigan’s talent pipeline that will pay dividends well into the future.” 


“As a first-dollar scholarship, the Michigan Achievement Scholarship is a meaningful action to promote student success and the Sixty by 30 goal,” said Scott Ward, President of West Shore Community College. “By supplementing other aid, this scholarship will help remove barriers for students and enhance the incredible investment the state has made in the Michigan Reconnect and Future for Frontliners scholarship programs.” 


“We applaud this bipartisan effort to increase college affordability and we encourage all students and their families to fill out the FAFSA,” said Edward Montgomery, President of Western Michigan University. “Earning a college degree has never been more valuable and this scholarship is sure to serve as a pathway to prosperity for many of Michigan’s next generation of workers.”