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Gov. Whitmer Announces Funding to Fix local Roads Across Michigan, Save Local Communities Time and Money


November 29, 2023



Gov. Whitmer Announces Funding to Fix local Roads Across Michigan, Save Local Communities Time and Money


LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer awarded eleven grants totaling $4 million to cities and road commissions to help rebuild local roads across Michigan.


"These grants will help communities across Michigan fix local roads faster to get people to work, allow businesses to expand, and move goods all year round," said Governor Whitmer. "Since I took office, Michigan has fixed 20,000 lane miles of road and 1,400 bridges while supporting more than 100,000 jobs, and today’s funding will add to that total. Let's keep working together to fix the damn roads so people can go to work, drop their kids off at school, and run errands without blowing a tire or cracking an axle. Let's get this done to make a real difference in people's lives."


Gogebic County Road Commission: Lake Road  

The Gogebic County Road Commission will resurface Lake Road from Jackson Road to Slade Road, which includes paving new asphalt, painting new pavement markings and updating the guardrails to meet safety standards. Lake Road is an all-season roadway and is the primary access route between US-2 and the Gogebic-Iron County Airport. The roadway is rutted in the wheel paths, which can hold ice and rain. 


Total project cost is $570,660. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the local road commission will cover $195,660.


Marquette County Road Commission: Cherry Creek Road (CR 551)  

The Marquette County Road Commission will resurface Cherry Creek Road (CR 551) from CR 480 north approximately 7,920 feet, which includes milling, paving, and new curb and gutter. Cherry Creek Road is an all-season road providing access between the US-41/M-28 intersection to CR 480. The project will improve the road condition and safety. 


“I have been and will continue to be a big advocate for investments being made in Upper Peninsula infrastructure, so I’m very glad MDOT selected Gogebic and Marquette County for these road repair grants,” state Rep. Jenn Hill (D-Marquette) said. “I’m proud that our hard work to improve the strength and quality of life in our rural communities is paying off — the collaboration between lawmakers, the governor and state departments makes genuine positive change for Michigan and our residents. This program is placing Yoopers’ tax dollars right back in their communities by improving the roads they use every day, making our communities safer and stronger. I look forward to sharing more details on the projects these grants will fund and how many good-paying jobs they will create.”


Total project cost is $764,045. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the local road commission will cover $389,045.   

Roscommon County Road Commission: Old US-27  

The Roscommon County Road Commission will resurface Old US-27 between Federal Avenue (CR 305) and M-55. Road work includes culvert replacement and cleaning, new curb and gutter, and paving road approaches. Old US-27 is an all-season roadway providing connectivity to M-55, Federal Avenue (CR 305) and Emery Road (CR 400). Road conditions have deteriorated and has the potential to cause unsafe driving conditions, impacting multiple commercial operations in the area. 


Total project cost is $919,605. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the local road commission will cover $544,605.  

City of Manistee: 1st Street, Sibben Street, 5th Street, and Kosciusko Street  

The City of Manistee will resurface 12 blocks of the Old US-31 truck route, including 1st Street from US-31 (Cypress Street) to Sibben Street, Sibben Street from 1st Street to 5th Street, 5th Street from Sibben Street to Ramsdell Street, 5th Street from Kosciusko Street west approximately 170 feet, and Kosciusko Street from 5th Street to 8th Street. The project includes widening the turning radius at the corner of 1st Street and Sibben Street, asphalt resurfacing, curb and gutter repairs, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant upgrades of sidewalk ramps.  


The Old US-31 truck route connects to US-31 and is the only permitted all-season route to many factories and businesses in town. These improvements will improve safety and prevent further deterioration of the roadway.


Total project cost is $577,000. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the city will cover $202,000.


Midland County Road Commission: Salzburg Road 

The Midland County Road Commission will resurface Salzburg Road from Waldo Road to Rockwell Road. Work includes milling the existing road surface, adding two layers of asphalt and widening the shoulders. Salzburg Road is an all-season road connecting to M-47 and serves as an important route for a major area employer. The road improvements will ensure that Salzburg Road remains within the all-season network. 


Total project cost is $818,441. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the local road commission will cover $443,441.   

Saginaw County Road Commission: Kochville Road  

The Saginaw County Road Commission will resurface Kochville Road from Davis Road to North Michigan Road. Road work includes milling the existing surface, laying asphalt and adding gravel shoulders. Kochville Road has experienced an increase in truck traffic due to nearby concrete plants and docks. The truck traffic is subject to seasonal weight restrictions, causing truck operators to reduce loads when frost laws are in effect. In addition, pavement in this section of roadway is nearing the end of its operational life. This project will improve the road quality and bring the road up to all-season standards to enable full truckloads during seasonal weight restrictions. 


“If we want to keep our region moving forward, we need to keep our workers and goods moving,” said State Senator Kristen McDonald Rivet (D-Bay City). “With over half a million dollars in combined grants —for repairs to Salzburg Road in Midland and Kochville Road in Saginaw — our work with MDOT and local road commission partners will ensure these critical transportation infrastructure upgrades, and keep area commerce running smoothly.”


The total project cost is $195,650. The State of Michigan is providing $156,520 in funding and the local road commission will cover $39,130.   

City of Belding: Bridge Street  

The City of Belding will resurface Bridge Street from M-44 (State Street) to Ellis Street. Road work includes new asphalt surfacing, replacing the curb and gutter, and painting new pavement markings. Bridge Street is an all-season roadway connecting M-44 to downtown Belding, schools, parks, and industrial areas. The road condition is rapidly declining and needs resurfacing to maintain unrestricted access. 


Total project cost is $483,600. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the city will cover $108,600.


Ottawa County Road Commission: 8th Avenue and Hayes Street 

The Ottawa County Road Commission will resurface 8th Avenue and Hayes Street from Garfield Street to the Kent County line. The project includes repaving with two courses of asphalt, widening shoulders, painting new pavement markings, and improving sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards. These streets are part of an all-season route connecting the industrial areas of Marne and the agricultural areas of Kent County with I-96. The road improvements will repair road condition to maintain the all-season route and increase safety of the route by widening the shoulder. 


Total project cost is $1,039,500. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the local road commission will cover $664,500.


City of Springfield: Avenue A 

The City of Springfield will resurface Avenue A between M-89 (Dickman Road) to M-37 (Helmer Road). Road work includes milling the existing surface, asphalt paving and painting new pavement markings. Avenue A is the main corridor for east/west traffic between Battle Creek and Springfield. The roadway needs repairs on the top surface in order to improve the quality of asphalt for travel along this important route. 


Total project cost is $529,000. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the city will cover $154,000.   

City of Coldwater: Butters Avenue  

The City of Coldwater will resurface Butters Avenue from Garfield Avenue to Race Street. The road project includes reshaping the roadway, curb and gutter installation and drainage improvements. Butters Avenue is an all-season road used as the alternative emergency route for US-12. The road condition has deteriorated and needs repair to improve efficiency and safety of commercial truck traffic.


Total project cost is $1,050,000. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the city will cover $675,000.


Jackson County Department of Transportation: Airport Road  

Jackson County Department of Transportation will resurface Airport Road from I-94 north to County Farm Road. The project includes milling and resurfacing with two courses of asphalt, upgrades to sidewalk ramps to meet ADA standards, replacing curbs, and painting new pavement markings. Airport Road is an all-season road connecting businesses, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, schools, and surrounding residential neighborhoods to I-94. 


“I am grateful for the allocation of $375,000 to the Jackson County Department of Transportation towards repairing Airport Road in Jackson — a main road within my district,” said State Senator Sue Shink (D-Northfield Township). “This funding will enhance the efficiency of transportation for residents, and it will contribute to the economic growth and development of our community. Investing in our state infrastructure is always wise, and I am committed to securing further funding for vital projects like this.”

 The total project cost is $624,331. The State of Michigan is providing $375,000 in funding and the local road commission will cover $249,331.  


Enacted in 1987 and reauthorized in 1993, the TEDF helps finance highway, road and street projects that are critical to the movement of people and products, and getting workers to their jobs, materials to growers and manufacturers, and finished goods to consumers. TEDF "Category F" or "Urban Areas in Rural Counties" grants provide state funding for public roadway improvements that create system continuity with the secondary all-season road system. Eligible entities for the Category F program are urban areas of 5,000 population or more, in rural counties having less than 400,000 population.


Category F grants provide funding for projects that include improving access to the state all-season system or improving safety and all-season capabilities on routes having high commercial traffic. Eligible road agencies include county road commissions, cities and villages. More information about the program is available online at