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Michigan Department of Corrections announces creation of Detroit Reentry Center


LANSING- To enhance public safety and meet the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) need for additional secure beds to house parole violators in Metro Detroit, the MDOC today announced a series of changes that will enable creation of the Detroit Reentry Center.  They are:

  • Conversion of the Ryan Correctional Facility in Detroit to the Detroit Reentry Center;
  • Reopening the Muskegon Correctional Facility in Muskegon; 
  • Closure of the Tuscola Residential Reentry Program in Caro and reestablishment of this program inside the Detroit Reentry Center; and
  • Closure of a Detroit Parole Office and reestablish the office inside the Detroit Reentry Center.


"Our central mission is ensuring public safety and these changes will help protect Michigan's citizens while improving our overall operations," said Daniel H. Heyns, Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections. "This new Detroit Reentry Center will increase efficiency and help us manage our parole population more effectively."

The conversion of the Ryan Correctional Facility to the Detroit Reentry Center will provide the MDOC with the most cost effective-option for creating secure beds for parole violators in the Detroit Metro Region. 

Currently, as a prison, Ryan Correctional Facility houses 1,044 prisoners, has 355 employees and costs $35.4 million a year to operate.  As the Detroit Reentry Center, the facility will have 157 employees, cost $23 million to operate and have a bed count of 1,044.  The facility make-up will be:

  • 400 short-term parole violator secure beds;
  • 160 beds used for Residential Reentry Program;
  • 84 prisoners on dialysis (current number receiving treatment at the Ryan Correctional Facility);
  • 192 beds for Prisoner Reentry In-Reach (current number receiving In Reach services at the Ryan Correctional Facility); and
  • 208 (the remaining beds) will be used to house parole violators currently serving a continuance handed down by the Parole Board. 


Currently, Tuscola Residential Reentry houses 160 parole violators, has 34 employees and costs $3.2 million a year to operate.  On top of the $3.2 million operation costs, the MDOC spends approximately $500,000 in transportation costs moving offenders to and from the facility in Caro.

Reopening Muskegon Correctional Facility will provide the MDOC with an additional 300 prison beds and save $8.5 million in operation costs as compared to the operation costs of Ryan Correctional Facility.

By implementing all of these changes, the net operational cost for the Detroit Reentry Center will be $10.8 million per year.  This produces a per diem (per day/per prisoner) cost of $28.34, which is by far the lowest cost of all alternatives and provides the MDOC with the most economical option.

While there may be regional job losses, the MDOC projects a total statewide gain of 78 employees with implementation of this plan.

Heyns further recognized the bearing these changes will have on MDOC staff. "I know these changes will create questions with affected employees," said Heyns. "We will do our best to minimize impact to the hard-working and dedicated staff of the Michigan Department of Corrections."