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Southwest District Probation Agent Jason Maue named MDOC's 2019 Candice Dunn Agent of the Year.


Contact: Chris Gautz

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Southwest District Probation Agent Jason Maue named MDOC's 2019 Candice Dunn Agent of the Year


Lansing, Mich. – Jason Maue is the Michigan Department of Corrections’ 2019 Candice Dunn Parole/Probation Agent of the Year for his commitment to Offender Success, his dedication to training and assisting his colleagues and for the positive influence he has on the individuals he supervises.

Maue, a probation agent at the Southwest District Probation office in Lincoln Park, has worked for the MDOC for nine years. He received his award Tuesday night in Lansing at the MDOC’s Employee Appreciation Banquet.

“Jason is incredibly deserving of this high honor. He exemplifies what it means to be an agent in this department,” MDOC Dir. Heidi Washington said. “His commitment to Offender Success, public safety and his community are obvious. And the dedication and professionalism he exudes in the office is making a difference not only with those under his supervision, but with his coworkers and other staff. I truly appreciate his willingness to learn new skills, train his fellow employees and volunteer in a variety of settings.”

He has volunteered to supervise specialized caseloads such as sex offenders, veterans and drug court and has involved himself in numerous opportunities to expand his influence and knowledge. Maue also serves as a Motivational Interviewing coach and is an outspoken advocate for the process and its benefits. He is also a founding member of the Southwest Office Committee, improving office engagement, and was an integral part of creating the STAR program, recognizing employee contributions every month. He also utilizes Carey Guides, and is a member of the Traumatic Incident Stress Management team.

“I have met so many great people and grown professionally. There is always something new to learn and grow from,” Maue said. “Being named Agent of the Year means that I’ve been able to learn from these people and apply it to my work. It’s humbling to think I’ve been thought of in the same vein as these influential professionals who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.”

This is the second year the MDOC’s Parole/Probation Agent of the Year Award was named for Candice Dunn.

Dunn was the department’s 2017 Parole/Probation Agent of the Year and was killed in a car accident the night she was recognized for her achievement at an MDOC Employee Appreciation Banquet. The award was named for her to honor her legacy.