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Department of Corrections Director Heidi E. Washington Selects Alger Warden Cathy Bauman as the MDOC Director’s Award Winner

Contact: Kyle Kaminski

Department of Corrections Director Heidi E. Washington Selects Alger Warden Cathy Bauman as the MDOC Director’s Award Winner

Lansing – Warden Cathy Bauman of the Alger Correctional Facility was selected as the recipient of the MDOC’s Director’s Award at the Department’s annual awards banquet in Lansing on Monday, May 13th.

This award, which is personally selected by the Director of the Department from the Professional Excellence, Agent of the Year, and Officer of the Year nominees, is the highest honor bestowed on a MDOC employee in recognition of their outstanding job performance and professionalism throughout the year.

“While the MDOC has thousands of dedicated employees worthy of recognition, Warden Bauman’s commitment to the Department, as well as the Alger Correctional Facility, made her the ideal recipient for this award”, said MDOC Director Heidi E. Washington. “It is truly an honor to recognize the impact of staff each year, and Cathy’s efforts and sacrifice to support her facility are a perfect example of how MDOC employees go above and beyond to help each other and our state. Her selflessness in supporting her team at the facility, her willingness to serve on a variety of workgroups to further the MDOC’s mission, and her desire to mentor the next generation of correctional leaders are just a few of the ways in which she is making a significant difference within the Department”.

Catherine “Cathy” Bauman began her career as a Corrections Officer at Camp Cusino in 1993. Since that time, she has promoted into several different roles at the Alger and Newberry Correctional Facilities. She currently serves as the Warden of the Alger Correctional Facility in Munising, Michigan.

While the role of the Warden is to oversee the daily operations of the facility, Cathy goes further to support her staff. She is often seen working at the facility on weekends to provide relief to Corrections Officers and focuses significant energy on supporting the morale of her team. Cathy also has an impact beyond the Alger Correctional Facility, developing and piloting new initiatives for the Department, serving as a peer security auditor who visits other facilities, and a mentor to several staff from throughout the department.

“I am deeply humbled and grateful to receive this award”, shared Alger Correctional Facility Warden Catherine Bauman. “There are so many professionals that I get to work beside who are deserving of this recognition. I am thankful for our teams who show up every day and make a difference and for the support of my family. I am proud to be part of what I consider to be one of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the nation.”