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DIFS Payments - Mailing Options

The Department of Insurance and Financial Services has mailing addresses for different methods of mailing payments.

Call DIFS 1-877-999-6442

Please read the descriptions and choose the address that best fits your need.

Remittance (Payment) Processing
"With Payment Enclosed" means payment due in the form of a check or money order is enclosed with forms or other documents you are mailing to DIFS.

Address Information
Address Information Address
Address for sending documents with payment enclosed using U.S. Postal Service mail
(Note: This P.O. Box does NOT accept overnight/courier deliveries)
PO Box 30165
Lansing  MI  48909-7665
Address for sending documents with payment enclosed using courier or overnight delivery
See note about USPS Overnight below

DIFS Revenue Services
2407 North Grand River Avenue
Lansing, MI 48906

NOTE ABOUT US POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) OVERNIGHT DELIVERY: USPS does not deliver to our street address. USPS overnight documents and packages are delivered to the State of Michigan mail center and forwarded to us. This may result in an extra day or more to reach our office. Other delivery services (like UPS, FedEx, etc.) typically deliver overnight packages directly to our office. Check with your delivery service for further information.