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Michigan Health Insurance Enrollment, Premiums, and Losses (FIS 322) Online Submission Application

Important: The FIS 0322 submission window opens on 3/1/2024. Submissions are due by 4/1/2024. A DIFS Online Services account is required to access the application. If you have not previously registered, select the button below and choose the “Register a New Account” link to create an account. If you have already registered, please ensure that you still have access.

***For security purposes each individual user must create their own account.***

Submit Your Health Insurance Enrollment, Premiums, & Losses

Insurance companies authorized to do business in Michigan are required to submit annually to DIFS their Michigan health insurance enrollment, premium, and losses data by April 1 for the preceding calendar year.  Traditionally this has been submitted via paper format.  Starting with the 2015 calendar year, insurance companies were required to submit their data online through this application.

Who can use this application?

  • The Annual Statement contact on record with the Department of Insurance and Financial Services.  The Annual Statement contact may assign responsibility for submitting the form to another individual. 

How do I access the application?

  • You will first need to register an account with DIFS Online Services.  If you don’t see a tile for the FIS 322 system, you will need to select “Request Access to a DIFS Online Service.”  The Annual Statement contact and the individual submitting previous year’s data, if different, will receive an email with an authorization code and instructions for submission prior to March 1.  You will need both your company’s NAIC number and the authentication code to submit your data.

When is this application available?

  • The online submission application is typically available in March.  The exact window for submitting data will be announced in the annual financial statement instruction booklets.

How do I make corrections to the current year’s data?

  • If the application window is still open, simply log in, edit the data, and then submit a new report.  Your previous entries will be provided for your convenience.  If the application is no longer available, please send an email with details of the requested changes to

Looking to view previous years’ data?  Visit the Database site.