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Insurance Product Filing/Review

Insurance Product Filing/Review

Insurance product filing review staff seek to protect consumers by reviewing filings of policy contracts, rates, and rules to ascertain compliance with state law. The authority for performing this function is contained within the Michigan Insurance Code.

General Information

  • Property Casualty Rate, Rule, and Policy Form Filings FAQ

  • Bulletin 2008-05-INS 
    Mandatory Use of SERFF for Submitting All Insurance Product Rate, Rule and Form Filings

  • Commercial and Personal Lines Policy Forms, Rules, and Rates Required To Be Filed

    New and revised commercial and personal lines insurance policy forms are required to be filed for prior approval, effective on and after 8-1-10, pursuant to Commissioner Order 10-005-M Rescinding 1997 Exemption Order as explained in Bulletin 2010-02-INS. The form filing requirements explained in this bulletin supersede the non-filing requirements explained in Bulletin 97-03. Commercial and personal lines rules and rates are required to be filed pursuant to MCL 500.2108, MCL 500.2406, MCL 500.2430, MCL 500.2606, and MCL 500.2628.

    Alternately, an insurer could exempt from filing any commercial line policy forms, rates, and rules by issuing each policy form for the particular coverage exempted with the prominent disclaimer contained in MCL 500.2236(8)(e)(ii). The exception to this exemption is that workers compensation rules and rates must be filed, even when the prominent disclaimer is used to exempt workers compensation forms.

  • Commercial Filing Exemption

  • SERFF Electronic Filing Instructions and Requirements
    Access to general SERFF information is available. However, you must log in to access your SERFF work space.

  • Review Standards Checklists

  • Surplus Lines List - coverage generally unavailable in the authorized market