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Credit Union

Credit Union Forms

FIS 1040

Pre-Examination Inquiry

FIS 1056

Application to Organize a State-Chartered Credit Union (Form FIS 2348 also required)

FIS 1057

Application for Permission to Merge a Credit Union with Another Credit Union

FIS 1062

Credit Union Conversion - Federal to State

FIS 1120

Application for a change to a Credit Union's Field of Membership.

FIS 1122

Application for Conversion of Charter of a Domestic Credit Union to a Federal/Foreign Credit Union

FIS 2340

Application for All Other Regulatory Approvals

FIS 2341

Application to Amend Bylaws (except field of membership)

FIS 2342

Application for Purchase and/or Assumption

FIS 2343

Application to issue Subordinated Debt (Secondary Capital)

FIS 2348

Background Information

FIS 2372

Notice of Cybersecurity Event