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Consumer Finance and Mortgage

Consumer Financial Services Forms

Credit Card Forms

Debt Management

FIS 0506 Debt Management Initial Application Packet

Complete application packet except that applicants must also download and file FIS 0508 Surety Bond.

FIS 0506

Application form only (additional forms are required to make application)

FIS 0508

Bond for Licensee

FIS 0510

Application for Consent to Service of Process

FIS 0511

Employment List

FIS 0512

Business History Form

FIS 0514

Financial Statement

FIS 0517

Alternative Bond in Lieu of Michigan Based Trust Account

FIS 0550

Debt Management Fee Processing Card

FIS 2303

Counselors Certification Program Registration for Debt Management


Counselors employed by a licensee who engage in financial counseling and debt counseling must become certified by a training program or certifying organization, approved by the director, that authenticates the competency of individuals who provide education and assistance to other individuals in connection with debt counseling and financial counseling functions. Counselors must become certified within the first 180 days of employment.

Deferred Presentment Service Providers

Application forms packet for Deferred Presentment Service Providers (DPSPs)

Forms to make application for initial license to transact business as a Deferred Presentment Services Provider in Michigan.

FIS 2041a

DP Additional Branch Offices

FIS 2041b

DP Surrender Branch Offices

Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Servicers Forms

FIS 1140

Exemption Declaration

FIS 1140

Letter of Credit - First Mortgage

FIS 1140

Letter of Credit - Second Mortgage

FIS 2053

Financial Statement Disclosure

Mortgage Loan Originator Forms

Motor Vehicle Sales Finance / Installment Seller Forms

FIS 1028

Installment Seller License Application

FIS 2311

Sales Finance License Application