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Tornado / Severe Storms

Severe weather* is a common occurrence in Michigan.  Make sure you and your family is adequately covered before the storm hits.  Review Before the Disaster to ensure your belongings are accounted for. 

Damage to your home as a result of severe weather may mean lifted shingles, damaged siding, or possibly a broken window.  After the Disaster provides helpful tips on how to initiate the claim process.  Insurance companies will only provide benefits for damages as a result of a covered loss.  If hail and high winds lift shingles off your roof, a homeowners policy only covers the portion of the roof that has been damaged; the insurance company is not required to replace the entire roof.  Review DIFS' Homeowners section and the declaration page of your policy to ensure that you understand the type of policy you have. 

Once a claim is filed with the insurance company they will begin to investigate the loss. It is important to know the deductible you'll be responsible to cover prior to your insurance company paying the claim. Once your claim is received by the insurance company, they will begin their investigation.  There is not a time limit for the insurer to complete the investigation.  Stay in contact with the company to see if there is additional information needed regarding the claim.  If you believe the amount of time is unreasonable, you may consider filing a complaint with DIFS.


*Includes thunderstorms, tornado, hail, wind