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Costs of Individual Health Plans

Costs of Individual Health Plans

Premiums for individual health plans on and off the Marketplace are rated based on:

Type of plan chosen.

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Geographic location.
  • Family size.
  • Tobacco use.

Each year, DIFS publishes the names of the insurers selling on the Marketplace, along with their rates and changes in the rates. To view the health plans available in your area and review anticipated costs, visit

By completing an application through the Marketplace, you can review plans and rates available to you. Assistance signing up for a Marketplace plan is available from navigators, certified application assisters, and licensed health insurance agents who have completed training and registration with the Marketplace. Health insurance agents must also be licensed with DIFS. These individuals cannot charge you for their assistance. Visit to find assistance in your area. You may also visit to locate a licensed agent.

What You Should Know

  • DIFS' role in the Health Insurance Marketplace includes reviewing health plan rates and policies prior to the policies being available to sell in the Marketplace.