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Can we cancel/reschedule our annual meeting?

Yes. If a board determines it is appropriate and necessary to cancel a planned annual meeting for the safety of attendees during current circumstances, they may do so. We are encouraging all institutions to make those decisions based upon the safety of attendees and your individual institution’s circumstances (which may include consideration of expected/historical attendance volume, the logistics of voting which may be needed, etc.) If practical and reasonable, please consider alternate means of achieving the statutorily-required minimum required annual meeting (within the calendar year, as prescribed in Section 351 of the Michigan Credit Union Act) through alternate means (e.g. video conferencing, etc.) at a later date in 2020. Should you later find this impossible or impractical from a safety standpoint, please notify the Office of Credit Unions at by 11/30/2020 with the details of that determination. OCU will not criticize any institution which makes a reasonable determination it cannot hold an annual meeting in 2020, due to the institution of safety measures related to COVID-19.