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Will the Michigan Office of Credit Unions (OCU) continue with 2020 examinations?

Yes. OCU converted to more off-site monitoring in the latter part of 2019. We have appreciated your patience and cooperation in providing (securely) as much information aspossible via remote means.

As of October 2021, on-site examination work will resume. While examination scopes in the near future might be expanded to focus on areas where limited review was necessitated by the previous remote posture, some of the fieldwork going forward will continue to be conducted remotely, as conditions warrant. Regional Supervisors and Examiners-in-Charge will coordinate with the NCUA and credit union management to ascertain the optimal logistics for each examination depending on individual circumstances. Fully on-site or fully off-site examinations are unlikely to occur except for during extraordinary circumstances. Any credit union with extraordinary conditions regarding their ability to host an impending examination, should contact their Regional Supervisor or contact the Office of Credit Unions at 517-284-8821 or to discuss the situation.

Presently, DIFS employees in our office are expected to be masked and social distance; field staff, at minimum, will observe protocols required of DIFS office staff. These requirements may change at any time depending on directives from DIFS or the Office of the State Employer. Regional Supervisors and Examiners-in-Charge will contact each credit union in advance of planned on-site fieldwork to discuss the credit union's safety protocols, ascertain what workspace/accommodations can be reasonably provided, and to plan the logistics of the examination. 

(Updated August 2021)