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Credit Union Letters

Letter 2024-CU-02
Consumer Compliance (CC) component of Examinations

Letter 2024-CU-01
2023 Calendar Year Activities of the Office of Credit Unions

Letter 2023-CU-01
2022 Calendar Year Activities of the Office of Credit Unions

Letter 2022-CU-02
Office of Credit Unions Contact Information Changes

Letter 2022-CU-01
2021 Calendar Year Activities of the Office of Credit Unions
Letter 2021-CU-01
2020 Calendar Year Activities of the Office of Credit Unions

Letter 2020-CU-05
Credit Union Information & Safety/Soundness Considerations

Letter 2020-CU-04 
Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Preparedness

Letter 2020-CU-03
2019 Calendar Year Activities of the Office of Credit Unions

Letter 2020-CU-02
Supervisory Committee Requirements and Guidance
Letter 2020-CU-01
DIFS Issuance of Memo regarding Financial Services to the Marijuana Industry

Letter 2019-CU-02
Contracts and Vendor Relationships

Letter 2017-CU-03 (RESCINDED)
Financial Services and Michigan Medical Marihuana Industry
Letter 2017-CU-01
Collateral Assignment Split Dollar Plans for Executive Deferred Compensation Plans
Letter 2014-CU-02
UFIRS Individually Assess Sensitivity or Market Risk Exposure
Letter 2013-CU-02 
Federal Reserve's Emergency Communications System
Letter 2012-CU-01
Disclosure of CAMEL and Risk Analysis Matrix During Onsite Examination
Letter 2011-CU-01
Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act Requirements on Michigan Credit Union and Subsidiary Mortgage Loan Originators
Letter 2010-CU-01
Exam Process and FFIEC Credit Classification
Letter 2009-CU-02
Deposit Insurance Costs - OFIR Regulatory Considerations
Letter 2008-CU-01
Additional Powers for Low-Income Designated Credit Unions
Letter 2007-CU-06 
Stock in Visa Inc.
Letter 2007-CU-05
Personal Property Tax
Letter 2007-CU-03
2006 Identity Theft Protection Act and Incident Response Plans
Letter 2006-CU-07
Information Technology (IT) Examinations
Letter 2006-CU-01
OFIS Discontinues Filing IRS 990
Letter 2005-CU-17
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Letter 2005-CU-10
Contingency Planning
Letter 2005-CU-09
Internet Financial Services
Letter 2005-CU-08
Delinquent Loan Interest Accrual
Letter 2005-CU-07
Member Leasing Activity
Letter 2005-CU-06 
Disclosure of CAMEL Ratings & Examination Report Findings
Letter 2005-CU-05
Impact of NCUA's IRPS 02-03 on ALLL Calculations
Letter 2005-CU-04
Changes regarding the Issuance of Credit Union Bulletins and Letters to reflect changes in the Michigan Credit Union Act
Letter 2005-CU-01
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA)
Letter 2004-CU-08
Creation of a Credit Union Division Public Website

Letter 2004-CU-05 
Field of Membership
Letter 2004-CU-03
New MI Credit Union Act effective June 1, 2004
Letter 2003-CU-06
Conversion to Electronic Delivery Channels
Letter to the Board of Directors and Management of Michigan State Chartered Banks and Credit Unions 
Information about the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Michigan Family Independence Agency (FIA) request that banks and credit unions help identify cases of financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.
Letter 2001-CU-01
Credit Union Bulletin 84-1 Rescinded (issued 1-30-01)