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Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers

(Last Updated: June 28, 2022)

Reinsurers may apply for status as a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer. A reinsurer that is licensed to write reinsurance by, and has its head office or is domiciled in a reciprocal jurisdiction is not required to post reinsurance collateral if the reinsurer meets all of the requirements of the Credit for Reinsurance laws. Please see MCL 500.1101 to 500.1127 and R. 500.1134 for the law and administrative rules applicable to reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurers.

If an applicant has been recognized as a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer in an NAIC accredited jurisdiction, Michigan has the discretion to defer to that lead state's determination through the passporting process.

Application and Filing Procedures - Initial and Renewal

Applicants shall submit the following for both initial and annual renewal applications:

  1. Uniform Checklist for Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers, including all necessary corresponding documentation detailed in the checklist. If the applicant is requesting Michigan to be the lead state, Part I should be completed. If applicant is recognized as a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer in another NAIC accredited jurisdiction, only Part II should be completed.
  2. Form RJ-1
  3. Any other documentation deemed necessary by the Director.
  4. Application fee of $500.

Renewal applications for reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurers where Michigan is the lead state should be submitted by June 30 to maintain the reinsurer's status for the upcoming year.

Renewal applications for reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurers approved for passporting should be submitted by October 1 to maintain the reinsurer's status for the upcoming year.

The reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer status will run through the end of the calendar year unless otherwise determined by the Director.


Listing of Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers

Pursuant to MCL 500.1103(9) and R 500.1134(5), the Director is required to publish a list of reinsurers that have satisfied the conditions established in applicable law for recognition as a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer.

Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer

Federal/ Alien ID

Initial Effective Date

Current Expiration Date

Aspen Bermuda Limited AA-3194168 03/31/2022 12/31/2022

Canada Life International Reinsurance Corporation Limited




Convex Insurance UK Limited AA-1120191 01/01/2022 12/31/2022
Convex Re Limited AA-3191400 01/01/2022 12/31/2022
DaVinci Reinsurance Ltd. AA-3194122 02/02/2022 12/31/2022
Fortitude Reinsurance Company Ltd. AA-3191485 05/23/2022 12/31/2022
Lancashire Insurance Company Limited AA-3190871 06/27/2022 12/31/2022
Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd. AA-3190339 02/02/2022 12/31/2022
RenaissanceRe Europe AG AA-1460023 02/02/2022 12/31/2022
RenaissanceRe Specialty U.S. Ltd. AA-3191238 02/02/2022 12/31/2022
Underwriters at Lloyds various
(see Lloyds list)
03/31/2022 12/31/2022

Reciprocal Jurisdictions

Pursuant to MCL 500.1103(8) and R 500.1134(4), the Director is required to publish a list of reciprocal jurisdictions.

Non-U.S. jurisdictions that are subject to an in-force covered agreement with the United States, or in the case of a covered agreement between the United States and European Union, is a member state of the European Union, shall be recognized by the Director as a reciprocal jurisdiction.

Reciprocal Jurisdictions




NOTE: In addition to the list above, any U.S. jurisdiction that meets the requirements for accreditation under the NAIC financial standards and accreditation program are recognized as reciprocal  jurisdictions pursuant to MCL 500.1103(8)(a).