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Transfer Checklist


Submit the following documents and information:

  • A written request to transfer the license certificate. This request must be made by the current ownership on record with the state of Michigan; detail the proposed changes in the outstanding voting shares of the licensee or registrant. A complete description of a hierarchy of companies must be included in this information, if one exists.
  • The license certificate that contains the commissioner’s signature, and the gold seal or watermark.
  • A $450.00 investigation fee when there are new shareholders. $50.00 transfer fee for each certificate when there are no new owners.
  • A resolution, which will authorize the change in the ownership of the licensee or registrant. This document must be issued by the corporate board of directors, company members, or partnership members, and be an original or a certified true copy.
  • Personal disclosure statement and confidential background information consent forms for each proposed new owner. If there are more than 20 shareholders, only persons who will own more than 20% of the company must submit these forms.
  • Provide a list of the company’s current officers, directors, and other official positions, plus information about whether these positions will change after the transfer.

Publicly held companies must provide information that will assist in the investigation, such as, a statement describing the nature of the business, financial information such as an audited financial statement, and a 10-K or an annual report.