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Adjusting Firms

Adjusting firms are entities formed to coordinate and organize the services of Adjusters for the Insured and Insurance Adjusters.

An adjuster of either type can (1) work independently, (2) work for an adjusting firm, or (3) work for more than one adjusting firm. No provision of the Insurance Code prohibits an adjuster from being both types of adjusters simultaneously.

Adjusting firms are associated with adjusters for address and phone number purposes. Adjusting firms are not licensed but are registered by the State of Michigan.

To register an adjusting firm, submit a signed letter on company letterhead.  The letter must state the firm name, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), mailing address, contact name and telephone number, contact email address, website address, fax number, and indicate whether the firm is an adjuster for the insured or insurance adjuster.  Notice confirming registration will not be sent to the adjusting firm.

Mail letter to:

DIFS Insurance Licensing
PO Box 30220
Lansing , MI  48909-7720

DIFS Insurance Licensing staff should be notified of any changes to the adjusting firm's information, including change of address, updated telephone number, name change or new FEIN.  In the event of a new FEIN, the letter should include the name and FEIN of the former adjusting firm, indicate the former firm is no longer active, and include the new adjusting firm information.  Notification should be sent on company letterhead to the mailing address for DIFS indicated above.