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Adjuster for the Insured Contract

First Party Motor Vehicle Adjusting Contract

Residential Public Adjusting Contract

Residential Public Adjuster Contract FAQ

Contract Revisions

Section 1226(4) of the Michigan Insurance Code, being MCL 500.1226(4), states that public insurance adjusters are required to use only contracts approved by the Director of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services.

An adjuster for an insured shall not provide his or her services to a client until the adjuster, using a form approved by the Director, has contracted in writing with the insured or with his or her authorized representative. The form cannot be altered other than to insert the adjuster’s name and contact information in the appropriate fields.

The Adobe Acrobat file contains fillable fields at the top of the front page and one fillable field at end of the back page.  These fields should be completed using a computer rather than in writing.

If the adjuster has questions regarding completing the contract, please call the DIFS toll free telephone number 877-999-6442 or send an email inquiry to