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Issuance of License

It is very important that individual and business entity (agency) applicants carefully read all questions on the application and provide accurate responses.  During the qualification review, if DIFS staff discovers that the applicant provided false or misleading information, the license application will be denied.

Section 1201a of the Michigan Insurance Code, MCL 500.1201a, states in part:

An individual or business entity (agency) shall not sell, solicit or negotiate any insurance product until the individual or business entity (agency) is licensed as a producer.

Section 1208a of the Code, MCL 500.1208a, indicates a licensed individual or business entity (agency) may not act as an agent of an insurer unless the producer becomes appointed with that insurer.  Any prospective insurance employer may access the Insurance Licensee Locator to verify the individual is properly licensed.  The Insurance Agency Locator may be used to verify that a business entity (agency) is properly licensed.  Additional information is available on the DIFS web page Appointments/Cancellations.

The applicant must meet all of the qualifications of licensure prior to receiving an insurance license, including Pre-licensing Education, successful completion of the State examination, and background checks.  During the qualification review, DIFS staff may request additional information.  Upon approval, a license will be issued and sent to the mailing address on file.

Applicants are required to attest that the information being submitted in the application and any attachments are true and complete. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the Licensing section of the DIFS website, and carefully read all questions on the application prior to answering.

Section 1239(1) of the Code, MCL 500.1239(1), states in part:

In addition to any other powers under this act, the commissioner may place on probation, suspend, revoke an insurance producer's license…and shall refuse to issue a license...for... (a) Providing incorrect, misleading, incomplete, or materially untrue information in the license application. ...

Additional Information for other applicants/licensees is available using the following links:

Solicitor applicants:  MCL 500.1214(3)
Adjuster applicants:  MCL 500.1224(3)
Counselor applicants:  MCL 500.1234(3)
Suspension or revocation of Adjuster, Counselor, or Solicitor license:  MCL 500.1242(2)