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Continuing Education (CE) Provider Process


Section 1204c of the Michigan Insurance Code mandates continuing education (CE) for most individuals who earn an insurance license. Providers certify when submitting an application to thoroughly understand the statutory and procedural mandates, and agree to stay abreast of any future changes, related to offering approved education programs in the State of Michigan. Providers must keep at least 1 course active to maintain an active status in Michigan. Failure to do so will result in termination of the provider status. Should providers decide to offer courses in the future, a new provider fee, course fees, required forms and supporting documentation is required. All courses will be subject to review once again.


  • One form FIS 0406/0407 CE Course/Provider Approval will be used to obtain both provider and course approvals.
  • Cursory review begins within 15 days of receipt of the application and a course evaluation will be assigned to review the specific education component.
  • A determination is made within 90 days of receipt of a complete application with fees
  • If no problems are noted, a certificate of registration will be issued to the provider indicating the provider and course name, instruction method, provider and course number, number of approved credits, effective date, and line(s) of insurance.
  • Subsequent course approvals are handled separately and in writing.
  • All courses expire within 2 years of the approval/effective date.
  • With the first course approval, the insurance CE contractor will send with the certificate of registration and instructions for classroom schedule, a user guide to submitting CE credits online.
  • Courses may receive approval for fewer credits than requested on the application.
  • Providers can only offer and award the exact approved amount of credits.
  • No partial credits are allowed.
  • No credit for passage of an exam without course work is allowed.

Providers may contact PSI at MIINSURANCE@PSIEXAMS.COM regarding the status of an application if more than 90 days have elapsed since the application was filed.

Course Information

Instructor Criteria

  • Providers are responsible for the actions of their instructors.
  • Providers must provide a copy of their classroom protocol that instructors are required to announce at each program.

Filing Fees

  • New Provider/Reinstatement
    • $500.00 provider fee
    • $25.00 per course
    • $25.00 per course rejection
  • Approved Provider
    • $100.00 annual renewal fee
    • $25.00 per new course
    • $25.00 per course rejection
    • $25.00 per revised, renewal, and/or expired course
    • $25.00 per appeal of a disapproval or greater than 30 days from course approval

Notes about filing fees

  • $500.00 provider fee is refundable, upon written request within 90 days of rejection and ONLY if the provider is not granted CE provider authorization
  • $25.00 course fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable
  • Any application submitted without the appropriate fees will be returned to the provider without processing. No materials or partial fees will be retained.

Disapproval/Appeal Process

  • An explanation will accompany the final determination
  • To correct any problems, return the Cover Letter and/or the ORIGINAL Certificate of Registration along with two (2) copies of the supporting documentation within 30 days from the final determination.
  • If resubmissions are not returned within the 30 days or if the course was disapproved, a new $25.00 course filing fee and application is required for the course to be reconsidered.

Course Schedule Reporting

Conducting The Course

  • Providers may conduct only approved courses at any time and at any business location it chooses as long as all of the following are met:
    1. The provider is active.
    2. The course is active at the time of offering.
    3. Electronic course schedules are reported at least 30 days prior to offering.
    4. No material changes have been made to the course since the original approval of the course.
  • Providers must staff course sites using approved monitoring procedures.
  • Pre-enrollment procedures, fees charged, selection and distribution of course materials, choice, use and substitution of instructors shall be at the discretion of the provider.
  • Course advertisements MUST INDICATE:
    1. The provider name and number.
    2. The course name and number.
    3. The line(s) of insurance.
    4. The number of approved credit hours.
    5. Indicate if there is a self-study component to earning credits and that a monitored exam is required to receive the certificate of completion.

Renewal Fees

  • $100 provider renewal payment is due on or before December 31.
  • On or near October 1, the provider will receive a renewal invoice.
  • Provider renewal fees are not required for the first year after approval, if the first course approval is granted after January 15 of that year.
  • Payments not received by December 31, the provider and all course approvals will be withdrawn effective immediately.
  • Provider renewal fee is nonrefundable.
  • Provider renewal does NOT renew any current courses.

Credit Banking/Roster Processing

  • Our office will collect $1.00 for every credit hour from the providers for all licensees upon course completion. Providers may collect this fee from licensees or pay the fee on their behalf, BUT must be collected at the time the course is purchased and before a passing score is earned on an exam.
  • The $1.00 per credit hour must be remitted on behalf of the licensee within 30 days of course completion to our office and/or its designee.
  • Providers will issue to the licensee a completely filled out Certificate of Completion, either in person or by U.S. Mail, within 30 days of completion of the program.
  • Courses are considered complete at the conclusion of the CE classroom course or upon achieving a passing score and provider receiving a disinterested third party affidavit for an exam for self-study/correspondence courses.
  • No additional paperwork is required by the licensee to request the provider to report the $1.00 per hour on their behalf.
  • Providers must report the actual course completion date on the certificate of completion.
  • A certificate of completion can be generated from our DIFS’ CE Roster Entry System - online roster submission for the students on the roster the same date as submission.
  • Providers who elect to distribute completion certificates, not generated from DIFS' CE Roster Entry System, must provide a sample of the certificate for approval including the date the provider will report the credit hours.
  • Providers may use a signature stamp and/or an electronic signature on the certificate.

Audits/Course Schedules

  • Providers may be audited by our office, its designated contractor or the Agent Education Advisory Council at any time.
  • All class schedules must be reported electronically at least 30 days prior to offering the course.
  • An audit may be conducted of the records of the provider or through actual attendance of class presentations at any time and without warning.
  • Providers not in compliance with the minimum filing requirements may be subject to administrative sanctions and jeopardize their approved provider status.

Contact Person/Address Change

  • Only one (1) designated individual or “contact person” is allowed.
  • The contact person be designated on the application.
  • The contact person responds to any issues regarding provider and/or course filings, licensee disputes and reporting requirements.
  • To change the designated contact person or address of the provider:
    • Check the box on the application in Part 1; complete Part 1; and mail to address on the application OR
    • Send written correspondence to the address on the application, or e-mail and include:
      • The provider’s name and number
      • The name of the previous designated contact person.
      • The reason for the change
      • The new contact name and information.

Record Maintenance/Licensee Disputes

  • Providers are required to keep all attendance and course completion records for 5 years following the course completion should a dispute arise where the licensing file record does not reflect the course completion. The licensee and the provider should keep records as proof in case of any dispute.
  • Licensees can access the Insurance Agent Locator to verify credits.
  • In case of a dispute, licensees will be instructed to contact the provider for resolution of course completion and credit accumulation errors, to prove actual completion of the course and provide data to correct the licensing file record.
  • If licensees and/or providers are unable to resolve disputes, either party may submit information regarding the disputed credits to DIFS' Education Administrator by sending an email message to

Code Violations

  • A representative of the approved program of study shall file the form and a fee of $1.00 per hour for course credit for each producer license renewal as directed by the commissioner within 30 days after program completion
  • Mail a copy of the form first class to the producer who attended, taught, or successfully completed the program.
  • Failure to comply will result in violation
  • Providers who mislead licensees to believe that the $1.00 per credit hour has been properly reported will be subject to formal action upon investigation if:
    1. The provider issued a certificate of completion stating the credits have been reported when they have not been and a licensee is suspended and/or terminated
    2. The $1.00 per credit hour was not reported within 30 days
    3. A provider offers a course after course termination, reports the $1.00 per credit as if the course was still active, and a licensee is suspended or terminated
    4. A certificate of completion not containing the required information is issued.