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Renewal and Updates for a Purchasing Group

Purchasing Group Annual Renewal

Purchasing groups are required to submit the FIS 0362  Purchasing Group Annual Renewal Report annually by February 1st. Typically, original signatures are required on the form. At this time, electronic signatures or copies of original signatures will be accepted on FIS 0362 and can be submitted to There is no fee associated with filing this form.

If the purchasing group does not submit the FIS 0362 form each year by February 1st, the purchasing group will no longer be registered to conduct business in the State of Michigan. A new application and registration fee must be submitted before the purchasing group will be allowed to conduct business in Michigan.

Updates for Purchasing Group Information
Purchasing groups are required to notify the State of Michigan of any changes in registration information.  Changes must be submitted within 10 days of the date the change is effective, using the FIS 0363  Purchasing Group Change in Registration form.

If the purchasing group is reporting a change in the Tax ID Number (FEIN), an FIS 0359  Purchasing Group Application for Registration form must be submitted