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Holding a solicitor and producer license simultaneously

Solicitors and producers may be dually licensed for the Property, Casualty, or Title qualifications. If a solicitor applies for a producer license, or a producer applies for a solicitor license, the original license will remain active unless the individual writes to DIFS and voluntarily surrenders the original license.

If the individual becomes dually licensed, by signing the application form the applicant and the sponsoring producer are, in affidavit form, attesting that the applicant understands the potential for confusion and misunderstanding in the minds of any insured or prospective insured. The applicant agrees to immediately disclose to the prospect whether they are dealing with a producer for an insurance company who is vested with a degree of authority and responsibility to act on behalf of the company, or with a solicitor who is simply the employee of a producer/agency. If the latter, they will further disclose who will be the producer of record. An erroneous or fraudulent certification on the license application shall subject both the applicant and sponsor to discipline of civil penalty and/or license revocation.