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2001 - 2005 Bulletins

2005 Bulletins

Letter Regarding Bulletin 2005-15-BT

2006 Letter Continuing Supervisory and Trust Fees

Bulletin No. 2005-19-CF

License Application Timeline and Process Under the Deferred Presentment Service Transactions Act

Bulletin No. 2005-18-INS

Health Maintenance Organizations Inability to Participate Directly in County Health Plans
Superseded by Bulletin No. 2006-10-INS

Bulletin No 2005-16-INS

Net lease and purchase agreements and eligible person standards for home insurance under MCL 500.2103

Bulletin 2005-15-BT

Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2004-02-BT, superseded by Bulletin 2007-06-BT)
Permissible Investments for Deferred Compensation Plans (superseded by Bulletin 2007-05-CU)

Bulletin No. 2005-13-CU

Trustees and Custodians of Tax Deferred Plans (supersedes Bulletin No. 86-1)
CUSOs Providing Services to Other Than Credit Union Customers (supersedes Bulletin No. 88-1; superseded by Bulletin 2021-40-CU)

Bulletin No. 2005-11-CU

Third Party Membership Services (supersedes Bulletin No. 84-2)

Bulletin No. 2005-10-CU

Reimbursement of Officials' Travel and Other Expenses (supersedes Bulletin No. 91-1)
Allowance and Reserve Accounts (supersedes Bulletin No. 91-2, superseded by Bulletin 2014-14-CU)

Bulletin No. 2005-08-CU

Lending Policy and Procedures

Bulletin No. 2005-07-CU

Director Duties and Directorship Policy Development (supersedes Bulletin No. 98-1)

Bulletin No. 2005-06-CU

Information Security Program

Bulletin No. 2005-05-CU

Liquidity Policy (supersedes Bulletin No. 79-1)

Bulletin No. 2005-04-CU

Investment Policy (supersedes Bulletin No. 97-1)

Bulletin No. 2005-03-CU

Annual Review of Polices and Operations

Bulletin No. 2005-02-CU

Annual Comprehensive Audit (supersedes Bulletin No. 84-4)

Bulletin No. 2005-01-INS

Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Coverage of Outpatient Mental Health Services Subject to the Mental Health Payment Reduction

2004 Bulletins

Effective Date Contained in Rule Set 2004-022 LG (Withdrawn by Order 12-002-M)

Bulletin No. 2004-05-CF

Mortgage Lenders use of Escrow Companies to perform mortgage closing and disbursement of proceeds
Maximum work loss benefit payable (superseded by Bulletin 2005-17-INS)

Bulletin No. 2004-03-INS

In the matter of Proof of Prior Auto Insurance

Bulletin 2004-02-BT

Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2003-03-BT, superseded by Bulletin 2005-15-BT)
Sale of debt cancellation contracts and debt suspension agreements by depository institutions (superseded by Bulletin 2008-08-BT)

2003 Bulletins

Bulletin No. 2003-09-CF

Net Branching, Employee status, and Licensing under the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Servicers Licensing Act, the Secondary Mortgage Loan Act, and the Consumer Financial Services Act
Specific Breed of Dog Exclusions (superseded by Bulletin 2019-13-INS)
Maximum work loss benefit payable (superseded by Bulletin 2004-04-INS)
Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Restrictions (supersedes Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Restrictions)

Bulletin No 2003-04-INS

Uniform Prescription Drug Cards

Bulletin 2003-03-BT

Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2002-04-BT, superseded by Bulletin 2004-02-BT)
In the Matter of Insurance Credit Scoring Practices - Update to Bulletin 2003-01-INS (withdrawn by Order 12-002-M)
In the Matter of Conforming Insurance Credit Scoring Practices With Insurance Code Requirements (Withdrawn by Order 12-002-M)

2002 Bulletins

In the matter of voluntarily expedited filing procedures for compliance with the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (withdrawn 12/6/12)
Medicaid Annuities (superseded by Bulletin 2020-36-INS)
Maximum Work Loss Benefit Payable (superseded by Bulletin 2003-06-INS)

Bulletin 2002-04-BT

Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (superseded by Bulletin 2003-03-BT)

Bulletin No. 2002-03-INS

Guideline for the regulation of Title Insurers and Title Insurance Agency Escrow Accounts

Bulletin No. 2002-01-INS

USA Patriot Act of 2001

2001 Bulletins

Bulletin No 2001-11-INS

Coordinating Health Coverage With No-Fault Automobile Insurance

Bulletin No. 2001-10-OFIS

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the sale of insurance by depository institutions governed by that Act

Bulletin No. 2001-09-INS

Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures
Maximum Work Loss Benefit Payable (Superseded by Bulletin 2002-05-INS)

Bulletin No. 2001-07-INS

Title Insurance Agent Obligations and Agency Requirements (section "Title Agency Names" was superseded by Bulletin 2011-01-INS)

Bulletin No. 2001-06-OFIS

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the sale of insurance by lenders
Guidelines for the regulation of Alternative Financing and Delivery Systems (AFDS) (superseded by Bulletin 2016-22-INS)

Bulletin No. 2001-03-INS

Ambulance Service Benefits
Adoption of the NAIC's Practices and Procedures Manual Effective January 1, 2001 (Codification) (Rescinded 02/18/14)
Waiver of Section 17(1) of the Michigan Credit Union Act (rescinded)