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2023 Bulletins

2023 Bulletins

Bulletin 2023-25-INS

Essential Insurance Act: Maximum Copying Charge under MCL 500.2113(2)(a) (supersedes Bulletin 2022-22-INS)

Bulletin 2023-24-BT

BIDCO Annual Schedule of Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2022-21-BT) Prior years' fee bulletins

Bulletin 2023-23-INS

Pharmacy Benefit Manager License Application Process and Fee

Bulletin 2023-22-INS

Annual Adjustment of the Fire Insurance Maximum Escrow under the Michigan Insurance Code (supersedes Bulletin 2022-20-INS)

Payment and Billing Guidance for No-Fault Automobile Insurers and Health Care Providers (supersedes Bulletin 2022-17-INS; superseded by Bulletin 2024-06-INS)

Bulletin 2023-20-INS

Update to “Hospitals with Indigent Volume Entitled to Enhanced Auto Insurance Reimbursement” List

Bulletin 2023-19-INS

Eligibility for Reimbursement under MCL 500.3157(4)(a), MCL 500.3157(4)(b), MCL 500.3157(5), and MCL 500.3157(6) (supersedes Bulletin 2021-24-INS and Bulletin 2021-26-INS)

Bulletin 2023-18-INS

Annual Adjustment of the Maximum Work Loss Benefit and Survivors’ Loss Benefits Payable Under Policies of Personal Protection Insurance (supersedes Bulletin 2022-16-INS)

Bulletin 2023-17-INS

Qualified Health Coverage Under the No-Fault Act (supersedes Bulletins 2020-01-INS, 2020-33-INS, 2020-47-INS, and 2021-25-INS)

Bulletin 2023-16-BT

Bank and Savings Bank Supervisory and Trust Fees (supersedes Bulletin 2022-14-BT) Prior Years' Fee Bulletins

Bulletin 2023-15-CU

Field of Membership: Groups Whose Common Bond Is Common Interests, Activities, Or Objectives

Bulletin 2023-14-INS

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Registration

Auto Insurance: Fee Schedule CPI Adjustment (supersedes Bulletin 2022-04-INS; superseded by Bulletin 2024-08-INS)

Qualified Health Coverage Deductible Adjustment (supersedes Bulletin 2022-03-INS; superseded by Bulletin 2024-03-INS)

Bulletin 2023-11-INS

Choice of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Choice Form and Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Limits Form (supersedes Bulletin 2020-03-INS)

Bulletin 2023-10-INS

Michigan Property and Casualty Guaranty Association’s Annual Adjustment of an Insured’s Maximum Unearned Premium Refund (supersedes Bulletin 2022-12-INS)

Bulletin 2023-09-INS

2024 Form and Rate Filing Requirements for Stand-Alone Dental Plans

Bulletin 2023-08-INS

2024 Form and Rate Filing Requirements for Medical Plans

Bulletin 2023-07-BT/CF/CU/INS

Impact of the Amended Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act on the Insurance and Financial Services Industries (supersedes Bulletin 2020-34-INS)

Bulletin 2023-06-INS

Surety Bond Requirements for Michigan Vehicle Dealers

Bulletin 2023-05-INS

Standardized Electronic Prior Authorization Transaction Process

Maximum Amount of Cemetery or Funeral Predeath Assignment Under the Michigan Insurance Code (supersedes Bulletin 2022-09-INS; superseded by Bulletin 2024-10-INS)

Bulletin 2023-03-INS

Essential Insurance Act: Theft Trends in Certain Vehicles

Michigan Property and Casualty Guaranty Association’s Annual Adjustment of the Net Worth Limit and Claim Cap Pursuant to MCL 500.7925(4) and (6) (supersedes Bulletin 2022-01-INS; superseded by Bulletin 2024-04-INS)

Bulletin 2023-01-CF

Documentary Preparation Fee Adjustment Under the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act (supersedes Bulletin 2021-04-CF)