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2024 Bulletins

2024 Bulletins

Bulletin 2024-07-INS

Group Capital Calculation Filing Exemption Criteria

Bulletin 2024-06-INS

Payment and Billing Guidance for No-Fault Automobile Insurers and Health Care Providers (supersedes Bulletin 2023-21-INS)

Bulletin 2024-05-CF

CPI-Adjusted Regulatory Loan Act Loan Processing Fee (supersedes Bulletin 2022-02-CF)

Bulletin 2024-04-INS

Michigan Property and Casualty Guaranty Association's Annual Adjustment of the Net Worth Limit and Claim Cap Pursuant to MCL 500.7925(4) and (6) (supersedes Bulletin 2023-02-INS)

Bulletin 2024-01-INS

Coverage Requirements for Cancer Therapies