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Bulletin No. 80-04

Final and binding legal and policy positions of the commissioner of insurance

Issued and entered February 19, 1980 by E.C. Mackey, Acting Commissioner of Insurance

The following constitute the only sources of a final and binding legal and policy position of the Commissioner of Insurance. Such positions are final and binding as to the situation in which they are taken until officially reversed or modified by a subsequent final and binding legal or policy position, or unless subsequently reversed or modified by a court of competent jurisdiction or a statutory revision. They are not, however, of legal precedent value in other matters pending before the Commissioner.

1. Final orders of the Commissioner.

2. Declaratory rulings of the Commissioner issued pursuant to Section 63 of the Administrative Procedures Act.

3. Official Bulletins of the Commissioner.

4. Written communications from officially designated or appointed Special Deputy Commissioners of Insurance or a First or Second Deputy Commissioner of Insurance acting for the Commissioner, when the written communication specifies that the written communication is executed by the person in his or her official capacity for the Commissioner.

Specifically, legal and policy positions set forth in an oral or written communication not identified above are not final positions of the Commissioner and are not legally binding on the Commissioner for any purpose.