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Bulletin No. 95-02

Forms and instructions issued pursuant to amendments in the holding company act

Issued and entered February 27, 1995 by Patrick M. McQueen, Acting Commissioner of Insurance

On September 16, 1994, Commissioner David J. Dykhouse issued an informational memorandum to all insurers highlighting the changes made by Public Act 227 (House Bill 5311) to Chapter 13 of the Insurance Code. A copy of the Commissioner's September 12, 1994 order prescribing forms required by the holding company act was attached to the memorandum, together with a copy of the actual forms and instructions.

Pursuant to that order and the changes to the holding company act:

1. All companies subject to the holding company act are required to file statements which comply with the forms and instructions attached to the Commissioner's September 12, 1994 order.

2. The following orders are withdrawn:

a) Order No. 94-100-M, prescribing forms required by the holding company act, with instructions, pursuant to Act 182 of the Public Acts of 1992, issued on January 4, 1994

b) Order No. 93-15569-M, Order of Exemption and Extension, issued April 29, 1993

c) Order No. 94-116-M, Second Order of Exemption, issued March 31, 1994

3. The September 19, 1970 bulletin entitled, "Guidelines for Administration of Holding Company Act of 1970 with Forms" is withdrawn.

4. Bulletin 93-3 entitled, "Insurance Holding Company System Registration Statements" is withdrawn.

Requests for copies of the forms with instructions adopted under the Commissioner's September 12, 1994 order, and notices and questions regarding Michigan's holding company act, should be directed to:

Company Admissions Division
Michigan Insurance Bureau
P.O. Box 30220
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 373-6854