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Global Receivership Information Database (GRID)

GRID is a national public database that contains information regarding insurance entities that have been placed into receivership proceedings.

If you click on the following link ( you will be taken directly to the GRID terms of use page. Click okay and you will get a screen that looks like this:

GRID Data:
The first drop down box will allow the consumer to pick the state of domicile. The second drop down box will allow the consumer to pick any of the companies in that state that have been placed in receivership.

When you highlight the date of any of the orders a yellow highlight will appear if the NAIC has a copy of the order. The consumer can then click on the date and a PDF of the order will come up. If the financial data has been entered into GRID by the state of domicile then a date will show in the box and by clicking on view the financial statement will come up. There is also a summary report which provides additional detail about the company and the receivership.