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Template FAQ

Updated 03/12/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. All templates must be submitted pursuant to the annually published filing bulletin and the associated timelines. Issuers may not change any template after submission unless it is specifically requested by DIFS or CMS.
  • Yes. However, if an issuer does provide separate templates, the items used by both markets must be provided in each market’s templates and be exactly the same. For example, if an issuer’s individual and small group market both use a service area MIS001 then that service area must be exactly the same on both the individual and small group template. Issuers may not change the templates after the initial submission unless requested by DIFS or CMS.

  • No. An issuer in both markets may withhold or revise specific rules for individual market products until the May 9 deadline for the individual market. Issuers must at a minimum provide the base rules in row 10 and specific rules for small group products in their small group submission and these items cannot be modified unless required by DIFS.

The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.