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Michigan National Guard Acquires Land For Super Armory

LANSING, Mich., April 3, 2018 -- The Michigan National Guard has purchased 44 acres of land from Monroe Bank & Trust for a new super-armory. The plan is to seek federal funding for more than one unit at this location as well as a maintenance facility.  Maj. Gen. Gregory Vadnais, the Adjutant General of Michigan made the installations and armories of the Michigan National Guard a priority when appointed by Governor Snyder in 2011.  Vadnais directed that the Michigan National Guard participate in the first round of a national strategic study of armories which generated a comprehensive report for congress.  

The study identified Dundee, Michigan, as a high value area due to the large population within a one hour driving distance. 

"My team works very hard to gain a competitive advantage to pull down federal funding for the Michigan National Guard," said Vadnais.  "Once I saw that recommendation in the study and that we needed to own the property to be more competitive against other states competing for the same dollars; I said, pull the trigger." Also as a result of the study, the Michigan National Guard has divested armories that were in disrepair and costing more to maintain than they were worth. 

"It is very important that we divest high cost, difficult areas to recruit and retain from, and start investing in areas and facilities that we can recruit, retain, and maintain in the future," said Vadnais.  "We are proving to be smarter and more efficient with the areas we are investing in." 

Col. Edward Hallenbeck, the Chief Facilities and Maintenance Officer for the Michigan National Guard said, "The military construction process is not a fast one; typically it is a 7-8 year cycle; having said that, owning the land gives my team a fighting chance with the National Guard Bureau to be selected sooner as opposed to later in that cycle."