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Critical Incident Stress Management Services

There may be times when a work area is impacted by a traumatic incident. Events such as violence, suicide, homicide, accidental death, or serious injury at the workplace are examples of traumatic incidents. When a traumatic incident occurs at work, employees can feel overwhelmed and may experience stress reactions.

The Employee Service Program (ESP) oversees the statewide Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program, which provides specialized services to state employees who are impacted by a traumatic incident at work. The CISM Program is designed to offer consultation and support to managers following a traumatic workplace incident, and recommendations regarding appropriate response services. CISM services range from consultation and education to on-site group and individual CISM services provided by certified CISM team members.

To consult about a traumatic incident that has occurred in your workplace or to request CISM Program services, please call ESP, the State CISM Coordinating Office at 800-521-1377, or your Department CISM Coordinator.