Trail Photos

Crisp leaves showing early golden fall color cover part of the trail.

A former railroad corridor, the Kal-Haven Trail offers a lovely natural setting for hikers.

Close-up of white, orange, yellow and purple wildflowers with brilliant green foliage in background

A burst of colorful wildflowers - including white trillium and orange columbine - brightens the Kal-Haven Trail near Lake Eleven.


Rustic restroom and water pump near trail; close by, a trash receptacle and picnic table

A trailside rest area near Kibbie, one of several along the Kal-Haven Trail.

A woman examines a vine-covered cement whistle post

A survey of the Kal-Haven Trail reveals an old "whistle sign." These alerted railroad engineers to approaching road crossings so they could sound the train whistle.


Open-air pavilion with picnic tables, bikes; Black River in background.

South Haven trailhead of the Kal-Haven Trail.

A covered bridge over the Black River

Survey of the Kal-Haven Trail continues by the Black River near South Haven.


A brownish stream bordered by lush green foliage and trees

The Kal-Haven Trail crosses several scenic streams, including this one at the Van Buren-Kalamazoo county line.

Exterior view of cream-colored historic depot shows many large outdoor artifacts

The Depot Museum in Bloomingdale is the last historic railroad depot along the Kal-Haven Trail.


Red caboose with white-trimmed windows

A historic caboose on display along the Kal-Haven Trail in Bloomingdale.

Weathered, vine-covered wood-and-metal railroad

Visitors to the Kal-Haven Trail will find telltale evidence that the trail used to be part of the now-defunct Michigan Central Railroad corridor.


Four large cement water tower footings project about 18 inches above grass

At Pine Grove, four large cement footings are all that remain of a former water tower site.