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Regional Partner Resources

TAMC works with Regional Partners at Regional Planning Agencies (RPA) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) throughout the state to support the collection of transportation asset data and asset management efforts.  TAMC’s enabling legislation, Public Act 499 of 2002, requires the appointment of 2 representatives from state planning and development regions to serve as members on the Council; One representative is appointed from the Michigan Transportation Planning Association (MTPA), and one from the Michigan Association of Regions (MAR); This same legislation also states that state planning and development regions shall provide qualified technical assistance to the council; The TAMC regional partners play a critical role as intermediaries between the state and local communities and Act51 road agencies.

  • Each year, the TAMC develops a Unified Work Program outlining the tasks associated with the asset management program that regional partners are responsible for.  The UWP also outlines what tasks can be reimbursed through the annual TAMC budget.