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About the Council

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About the Council

The Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) is comprised of professionals from county road commissions, cities, a county commissioner, a township official, regional and metropolitan planning organizations, and state transportation department personnel. The Council reports to the Michigan Infrastructure Council and the State Transportation Commission. Council members are appointed to 3-year terms. The Center for Shared Solutions (CSS) is the central data storage agency of the Council and serves as a non-voting member. The activities of the Council are supported by the TAMC Coordinator and MDOT.

Michigan TAMC Brochure

Michigan TAMC Governing Legislation

Transportation Asset Management Council Strategic Planning

Annual Reports

TAMC is required by P.A. 499 of 2002 to prepare an annual report detailing its activities during the previous year, and its plans for the upcoming year. The most recently published Annual Report can be found here, along with links to several previous Annual Reports.

Council Policies

To ensure consistency, TAMC has adopted several policies governing the way data will be collected, stored, and distributed, for both Federal-Aid Eligible and Non-Federal-Aid roads. Those policies can be found here, along with the current bylaws that govern the organization and operation of TAMC.

Required Reporting

All road agencies in Michigan are required to report annually on their finances: How much income did they have? Where did it come from? And how did they spend it? This report is referred to as ADARS, which stands for Act 51 Distribution and Reporting System. Road agencies are also required to report on all asset management-related road projects they have completed in the previous year.

2022-2024 Strategic Work Program

The Transportation Asset Management Council is expanding the practice of asset management statewide to enhance the productivity of investing in Michigan's roads and bridges through coordination and collaboration among state and local transportation agencies. The Council's activities include surveying and reporting the condition of roads and bridges by functional classification categories and assessing completed and planned investments in roads and bridges. The Council also supports the development of appropriate asset management methodologies and provides education and training on the benefits of developing road improvement programs through the use of asset management principles and procedures.

Download the 2022-2024 Strategic Work Program Here

TAMC Committees