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The Michigan Infrastructure Council

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    The Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) is comprised of nine appointed voting members who are representative of one or more of the following: (1) asset management experts from the public and private sectors with knowledge of and expertise in the areas of planning, design, construction, management, operations and maintenance for drinking water, wastewater, storm water, transportation, energy, and communications, (2) financial and procurement experts from the public or private sector, and (3) experts in regional asset management planning across jurisdictions and infrastructure sectors. All voting members serve 3-year terms. Five of the voting positions are appointed by the Governor, one by the Senate Majority Leader, one by the Speaker of the House, one by the Senate Minority Leader, and one by the House Minority Leader.

    The MIC is also comprised of nine non-voting members representing state agencies, the Water Asset Management Council (WAMC), the Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC), and the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).

MIC Council Members


Non-Voting Positions

Non-Voting Positions

  • Non-Voting Positions

    Non-voting Members:

    • Sue McCormick, Chairperson of the Water Asset Management Council (WAMC)
    • Joanna Johnson, Chairperson of the Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC)
    • Ryan Laruwe, on behalf of Dan Scripps, Chairperson of the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC)
    • Jodi Gruner, on behalf of Gary McDowell, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD)
    • Aaron Keatley, on behalf of Liesl Eichler Clark, Director of the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE)
    • Sharon Schafer, on behalf of Daniel Eichinger, Director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
    • Eric Swanson, on behalf of Brom Stibitz, Director of the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB)
    • Laura Mester, on behalf of Paul Ajegba, Director of the State Transportation Department (MDOT)
    • Heather Frick, on behalf of Rachael Eubanks, Michigan State Treasurer

    MIC Staff

    • Larry Steckelberg, Interim Executive Director of the Michigan Infrastructure Council
    • Amber Hicks, Program Specialist


    The MIC is created within and administratively staffed by the Michigan Department of Treasury. The Department of Technology, Management and Budget serves as the central data management agency. The Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Environment Great Lakes and Energy, Natural Resources, and Transportation also provide qualified administrative and technical staff.

    MIC Bylaws