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September 8 2022 MIC Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Michigan Infrastructure Council

Meeting Minutes

Q3 Meeting September 08, 2022

Meeting held at

7285 Parsons Dr, Dimondale, MI 48821 (Treasury Operations Center) and electronically using Zoom

  1. Welcome/Introductions
    1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, welcomed everyone present.
    2. Ryan informed the Council Membership that Chairperson, John Weiss, will be absent due to illness.
  2. Roll Call
    1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM with a quorum established
  3. Introduction – Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD)
    1. Sarah Lucas, Deputy Director of the Office of Rural Development
    2. Sarah Lucas detailed roles and responsibilities of the office of rural development which includes improving funding access to rural communities.
    3. Sarah stated the $3 million dollar budget allocation to the office of rural development will be used for a grant program to help build capacity for rural communities and hire 3 additional staff members.
  4. Public Comments
    1. Rob Stawarz, member of public, discussed the Tri-Party Program and its residential road funding.
    2. Rob Stawartz asked the MIC to allocate funds to the Tri-Party Program.
    3. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, informed Rob that the MIC does not commit to public funding but stated the MIC will help Rob get his concerns to the appropriate entity for consideration.
  5. Approval of March 10, 2022, MIC Meeting Minutes
    1. Motion to approve meeting minutes by John Daly III (Voting Member)
    2. Seconding the motion was Daniel Fredendall (Voting Member)
    3. Motion adopted without discussion
  6. Approval of June 8, 2022, MIC Meeting Minutes
    1. Motion to approve meeting minutes by Palencia Mobley (Voting Member)
    2. Seconding the motion was Erin Kuhn (Voting Member)
    3. Discussion started by Daniel Fredendall (Voting Member) commented that a quorum was not reached for the June 8, 2022 meeting and asked if approving the minutes were necessary
    4. Jessica Thomas (Non-Voting Member) commented that MIC Executive Director, Ryan Laruwe, could seek further advisement regarding the issue
    5. Motion to table meeting minutes by John Daly III (Voting Member)
    6. Motion adopted to table meeting minutes
  7. Approval of Meeting Agenda
    1. Motion to approve agenda as amended– John Daly III (Voting Member)
    2. Seconding the motion was Dan Fredendall (Voting Member)
    3. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, discussed amendments to agenda items
    4. Motion to approve agenda – Dan Fredendall (Voting Member)
    5. Seconding the motion to approve agenda was Beverly Watts (Voting Member)
    6. Motion adopted to approve agenda as amended
  8. Bylaws Revisions Update (Circulated 5/24/2022)
    1. Dan Fredendall (Voting Member) stated the Bylaw committee met in the Spring of 2022 to update Bylaws for Open Meeting Act alignment.
    2. Motion to adopt bylaws as of 09/08/2022 by Dan Fredendall (Voting Member)
    3. Seconding the motion to adopt bylaws by Kathleen Lomako (Vice-Chair)
    4. Motion adopted to adopt bylaws as of 09/08/2022 without discussion
  9. MIC Administrative Updates
    1. Resolution 2022-1 Member Travel Resolution
      1. Ryan Laruwe discussed adding procedures to the travel policy for legislative alignment.
      2. John Daly III (Voting Member) stated Ryan Laruwe should get clarification on the term “membership” for reimbursement travel purposes.
      3. Jessica Thomas (Non-Voting) commented to take a comprehensive look at rules and procedures (Bylaws) and accommodate additional clarification.
      4. John Daly III (Voting Member) suggested seeking legal counsel on the term “membership” and retrieving clarification in writing for legal protection.
      5. Heather Frick (Treasury) suggested an amendment to the pre-approval section be adjusted to reflect membership does not need pre-approval to attend MIC quarterly meetings
      6. Motion to amend Resolution 2022-1 by Marco Bruzzano (Voting Mmeber)
      7. Seconding the motion was Erin Kuhn (Voting Member)
      8. Motion to amend Resolution 2022-1 was adopted
    2. Budget Resolutions
      1. Resolution 2022-2 - October Workshop Strategic Planning
        1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, discussed the funding appropriation to support development, logistics, and execution of the strategic plan October Workshop
        2. Motion to support the appropriation of funds for the October Workshop by Erin Kuhn (Voting Member)
        3. Seconding the motion was Beverly Watts (Voting Member)
        4. Discussion by Sue McCormick (Non-Voting) regarding WAMC involvement and Dan Fredendall (Voting Member) mentioned TAMC involvement as well with the October Workshop
        5. Motion adopted for Resolution 2022-2 funding for October Workshop
      2. Resolution 2022-3 – CNAM One Year Extension
        1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, discussed exercising one year approval for extension with CNAM at $120,000
        2. Motion to approve one-year CNAM extension by Erin Kuhn (Voting member)
        3. Seconding the motion was Marco Bruzzano
        4. Discussion by John Daly III on clarifying the term “certification” within the CNAM contract and seeking legal counsel
        5. Motion by John Daly III to amend the Resolution 2022-3 to refer to asset management champion trainees as “individuals” instead of asset owners
        6. Seconding the motion is Beverly Watts (Voting member) to amend the Resolution 2022-3
        7. Motion adopted for Resolution 2022-3
      3. Resolution 2022-4 – Senior Decision Makers RFP
        1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, discussed educational training opportunities for decision makers with a focus of asset management. Ryan discussed developing an RFP for scope of work for asset management programming of 2023.
        2. Motion adopted for Resolution 2022-4
        3. John Daly III (Voting Member) discussed evaluating the resource of IPWEA asset management program in Australia as part of membership research. John also stated that he is part of an educational advisory board for IPWEA.
    1. MIC Member Portal
      1. Nathan Hamilton, MIC Analyst, gave a brief overview and demonstration of the MIC member digital portal platform.
  10. MIC Member Travel Approvals
    1. Resolutions 2022-5 – Member Travel Reimbursement
      1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, discussed Erin Kuhn (Voting member) traveling to the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Conference to be a keynote speaker for the MIC in Denver.
      2. Motion by Palencia Mobley (Voting member) of pre-approval travel for Erin Kuhn
      3. Seconded by Dan Fredendall (Voting member)
  11. MIC Program Updates
    1. 30-Year Integrated Infrastructure Strategy (The Strategy)
      1. Kathleen Lomako, Vice-Chairperson, discussed the Strategy developments such as completing work on status reports (snapshots) of current water, roads, and energy infrastructure.
      2. Kathleen Lomako, Vice-Chairperson, stated that a virtual session was completed in August 2022 and individual in-person sessions will also be held in Lansing at the State Chamber on October 11th, 12th, and 13th for water, transportation, energy.
    2. AM Champions Program
      1. Erin Kuhn, MIC Voting Member, reports a fall session of the AM Champion program has been launched and will end in mid-November. The fall AM Champion program has 58 individuals enrolled.
    3. MIC Project Portal –
      1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, provided an update to the project portal which involves V3 enhancements such as a landing page and a “phase” feature which details which construction phase a project is in
      2. Erin Kuhn (Voting member) discussed creating training for the 14 planning regions on how to use the portal for coordination
  12. MIC Committee Updates
    1. New Committee Assignments
      1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, welcomed Jessica Thomas (Non-Voting member) and Beverly Watts (Voting member) to the WAMC nominations committee
    2. WAMC Nominations Committee
      1. Dan Fredendall (Voting Member) discussed WAMC vacancies (2) opening this year which includes representing regions and another representing expertise in water. The MIC will post WAMC vacancies to encourage applicants.
    3. Reports Committee
      1. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, discussed annual report drafting and circulating to the membership.
      2. The WAMC annual report will be referenced and not included in the MIC annual report.
  13. Standing Reports
    1. Water Asset Management Council
      1. Sue McCormick (Non-voting) discussed WAMC legislative reporting being completed and 2023 survey opening for public utilities.
      2. WAMC is working with EGLE for creating a standard template for asset management reporting
    2. Transportation Asset Management Council
      1. Joanna Johnson (Non-Voting) stated TAMC is having their 20th annual conference on September 28th in Traverse City.
      2. John Weiss (Voting-MIC Chairperson) and Joanna Johnson (Non-voting) will give a joint MIC/TAMC update at the TAMC annual conference
    3. Michigan Public Service Commission
      1. Charyl Kirkland (Non-voting) stated MPSC is working with EGLE to bring more infrastructure funding to Michigan
  14. Roundtable Discussion
    1. MIC Membership discussed right-of-way infrastructure public and private interests.
  15. Closing Remarks
    1. There were no closing remarks
  16. Adjournment
    1. Meeting adjourned at 3:37 pm.


Roll Call:

Members Present – 15

  • Kathleen Lomako, Vice-Chair (Voting)
  • Daniel Fredendall (Voting)
  • Erin Kuhn (Voting)
  • Palencia Mobley (Voting)
  • Eric Swanson, DTMB (Non-Voting)
  • Beverly Watts (Voting)
  • Jessica Thomas, Deputy Treasurer State and Local Finance (Non-Voting)
  • Jon Kangas (Voting)-Virtual
  • Marco Bruzzano (Voting)
  • John Daly III (Voting)
  • Charyl Kirkland (Non-Voting)
  • Sue McCormick (Non-Voting)
  • Erik Eklund (Non-Voting)
  • Joanna Johnson (Non-Voting)
  • Ken McFarlane (Non-Voting)

Members Absent – 3

  • Aaron Keatley (Non-Voting)
  • Todd White (Non-Voting)John Weiss Chairperson (Voting)